Father's Day is this Sunday, the time of year to be thankful for being a dad, having a dad or knowing someone else's dad who bought you beer that one time. However, it's also important to remember how equally great it is not to be a dad, especially when the mom is some sneaky hood rat looking for a free ride. And as talk show host Maury Povich has sagely taught us: While DNA can indict you, DNA can also set you free. That feeling of freedom is exactly what these nine "you are not the father" GIFS convey.

Best Choreography In Celebration Dance

The Happy Backflip

Booty-Shaking Man

New Girlfriend Reacts Like She Won Lottery

Man Runs Into Crowd Like They're Fans

The Gangsta Rapper Celebration Hop

Vaudevillian Show-Stopper

Joseph Reacts To Not Being Baby Jesus' Daddy

Jason Sudeikis Ain't January Jones' Baby-Daddy


Source: http://clutch.mtv.com

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A simple and intleliegnt point, well made. Thanks!

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