Crows don't like the police in Everett
Crows don't like the police in Everett


Policemen are used to the public being difficult with them, but the problems in Everett, Washington are being caused by a group of crows.

The birds have made a home in a tree in the police department's car park and are now adopting some aggressive tactics to defend what they see as their territory.

Officers are targeted by crows swooping down at them as soon as they open the station door and try to reach their cars.

Police Captain Mark St Clair said the crows' behaviour reminded him of the Alfred Hitchcock film The Birds.

Describing an encounter with them, he told Komo News: 'I turned, faced the door and then shortly after, one came close to my head - didn't hit me, but came close. Swooped me, yeah.'

The three birds have been seen working as a team, with one causing a distraction while the other two dive-bomb unsuspecting officers in the car park.

Bird experts say crows can recognise faces and hold grudges, as officers who have tried to scare them off using police car sirens have discovered.

'They will whitewash your car,' Captain St Clair added.

Officers have been advised to try to ignore the crows, as any attempt to antagonise them could make the situation worse.


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