Poor kid doesn't realize what's happening. Half way in his shower, he starts to get real worried because the damn shampoo just won't leave his hair!

Video by Armin Demehri.

Video by Armin Demehri.

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Comments: 5

Its alright! thanks

G tongue omg dude u r funny

Armin.... that is just damn funny!!!!!! cassandra

Sorry Armin. Gladly fixed.

HI this is Armin Demehri the creator of the "Shampoo prank" video. You have used my video without my permission and have not cited my name or anything. Please give me credit somewhere on or around the video. You could put my name or my FB link. facebook.com/profile.php?id=1049625909. Please do or you are violating my copyright rights. Thank you, Armin Demehri

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