Who doesn’t love cheerleaders?

Even on the worst of teams, a group of cheerleaders can provide some much needed enjoyment to an otherwise pitiful game.

And that’s when they’re just jumping around looking sexy and stuff.

The entertainment factor increases exponentially when they’re pulling hilarious stunts like these…


Beware of Oncoming Teammates

Let this be a lesson, kids.

Notice how one cheerleader stops back flipping a little bit earlier than the rest?

Well, she pays dearly for her laziness.

It’s like they say, “coffee is for closers.”

Also for closers — not getting smashed in the chest by your cheer squad teammates.


At Least She Nailed the Pose Afterwards

Well, this went horribly awry.

But to her credit, she recovers nicely to nail the pose at the end.

We’re still on the fence as to whether this makes things better or worse, though.


How Do You Not See This Coming?

Is it just us, or does this girl seem like she kind of wanted to get knocked out?

She appears to have plenty of time to react to what’s about to happen.

But instead of moving, she just stands there like a deer staring into a pair of oncoming headlights.


It’s Hard to Focus With So Much Unfortunate Cross Dressing at Hand

Seriously, who can focus on catching your buddy in mid-flight when you have to worry about getting the booty popping routine afterwards just right?

Kids can’t be expected to perform under this much pressure.


Boom! Headshot!

There is only one reaction a normal person has to seeing an accident like this in person — a few seconds of concern followed by uproarious laughter when you realize the girl didn’t die.


To Be Fair, It Was a Pretty Difficult Maneuver

Look, she’s just a cheerleader, not a stunt woman.

It takes most people years and years of martial arts training to pull off a kick this difficult.

We’re sure she’ll get it right next time.


Nobody Likes a Show-Off (Until They Fail)

Oooooh, look at us!

We’re doing cheerleader routines in public!

Aren’t you all impressed with our skill and technique?

Yes, you are.

Now prepare for our epic dismouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch!


At Least Nobody Was There to See It

Sure, it’s a bummer when something like this happens.

But on the bright side, there are only like ten people in the crowd.

If it was still the early 1990s, we’d have to wait for the new season of America’s Funniest Home Videos to see something like this.

Thank you, Internet!


She’s Got Spirit! And a Fractured Hip!

We’re not sure what these kids are getting so fired up about.

Maybe a football game or something.

But if the team they’re supporting is anywhere near as skilled the cheerleading squad, they should be expecting a bloodbath.


Better Get that Embarrassment Over With Before the Action Starts

Now this is how it’s done.

Why wait for the routine to actually start before you smash your body into the hard floor below?

That will just distract everyone else.

Instead, it’s best to get the failure out of the way before the action gets too intense.


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hahaha this is so funny. This is a reason why i wouldn't become a cheerleader. tongue

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