The Reddit user named helloterence was a precocious prankster.

At thirteen years old, when most boys were still busy wondering what was going on "down there" (or lying about how much was going on down there), he sent his school into a panic by creating this official-looking memo and distributing it to all the class parents.

It's still a better plan than abstinence education

For those who don't want to read the whole (glorious) thing, he faked up an official announcement of a practical sex ed class where students would be paired off with condoms, private rooms, and adult supervision. Which combines at least fourteen different felonies and fantasies (depending on whether you're asking the adults or the thirteen year-olds).

Parents could opt out of the scheme by filling out the form and returning it, but the date only gave them a single day to panic.

His (cool) mother enjoyed the joke, so he photocopied 300 letters for distribution around the school. The next day was what the students would call "fun."

The best bit? Even this ridiculous joke is still smarter than pretending teenagers don't know about their own genitals before the age of eighteen.

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Letko Sa'i

lmao!!! sex education huh?

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LOL smile

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