Who knew you could create sheer beauty, amazement and intrigue with ordinary common household objects, like these...

Household art - Bent1.jpg

Household art - bent2.jpg

Household art - bent3.jpg

Household art - bent4.jpg

Household art - bent5.jpg

Household art - bent6.jpg

Household art - bent7.jpg

Household art - bent8.jpg

Household art - bent9.jpg

Household art - bent10.jpg

Household art - bent11.jpg
The introvert

Household art - bent12.jpg

Household art - bent13.jpg
You Say Tomato, I Say Tomato. You Say Potatoes, I say Zombies.

Household art - bent14.jpg
Fruit with life experience

Household art - bent15.jpg
Zombies are nuts about brains

Household art - bent16.jpg
Modest pear

Household art - bent17.jpg
Literary interpretations

Household art - bent18.jpg
Paper training our little dog, Frank

Household art - bent19.jpg
A little cat doodle

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Date: 23 Mar 2011 | Author: mesmerX | Category: Pictures | Views: 10013

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Comments: 5

I love these pictures but can I just say, I'm sick of these ads pimping out green cards. I don't want to live or work in the USA. Never have, never will.

J'adore ce que vous faites !!! Amazing ! smile


Those are Amazing!


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