Americans take great pride in the U.S. legal system, which promises the right to a fair trial, due process and protection for people and their property.

But some people, whether out of greed or sheer ignorance, push the boundaries of acceptability and clog the legal system with outrageous lawsuits.

Whether it's a convict who sues himself or an unsatisfied beer drinker who blames the company for his lack of dates, our verdict is: Case dismissed!


1. Google Maps Blamed for Dangerous Directions: $100,000

When Lauren Rosenberg wanted to walk through Park City, Utah in January 2010, she used Google Maps for directions. Unfortunately, the site sent her down a highway with no safe-pedestrian path.

When she was hit by a car, she sued both the driver and Google for more than $100,000 in damages.

Rosenberg argues Google should have warned her about the dangerous path (the full version of Google maps does include a warning, but she used the search engine on her BlackBerry, which she claimed didn’t show one).

We argue, however, that she should've used the ol' noggin and decided for herself not to walk down a dangerous highway. Photo: Courtesy of Google Maps

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