News bloopers are always my favorite clips to watch, because reporters constantly strive to be very serious and professional. But of course, it’s live TV, so things often can and do go wrong.

Check out this collection of 11 news bloopers to see the wonders of live TV for yourself.

1. How does that taste?

This time, it’s not the reporter who screws up and makes the blooper. Instead, it’s some chick in the background who decides to pick her nose and eat her boogers. Classy girl right here, ladies and gentlemen.

2. Cheaters never win

Ahh, the now infamous grape lady. If you haven’t seen the clip, there’s a reporter out at some sort of international wine festival where there is a grape stomping contest. She tries to take part in a little friendly competition on the air, but as you’ll see, grape stomping is a dangerous activity.

3. Top cock

News anchors have a tough job. They’re expected to go live in front of the camera and deliver all of their lines without screwing them up. Occasionally, they’ll get their tongue all twisted up, and when that happens…well, just see for yourself.

4. Umm…you do know you’re live, right?

This frustrated weatherman lets out a string of expletives before coming to his senses and realizing they were live. His cheesy smile at the end is what really makes this video golden.

5. Reporter swallows fly

You just know that reporters can’t stand it when they get sent out to boring locations to cover pointless stories. Take this guy for example. The last place he wants to be is out in this “country mother f**ker.”

6. Woman trips and falls on live TV

Usually, you have to worry about jackasses behind the reporter intentionally doing dumb things to show off to the camera. This time, a lady was simply trying to walk by in the background when she slipped and buster her ass on live TV. Nice!

7. You know where his mind was at

If you were paying attention, you saw Shepard Smith laughing at the reporter who screwed up in the #3 clip on our list. Well, this time he’s the one who got his words all mixed up, and the results were hilarious. I love how quickly he recovers and pledges to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

8. But…he’s gay

Yeah, I get gay and blind mixed up all the time too. Who doesn’t?

9. You just know she’s pleasant to work with

This reporter is fed up with the staff screwing up. Something tells me a Bill O’Reilly like rant ensued during the commercial break.

10. We’ll do it live!!!

Speaking of Bill O’Reilly, he shows the world just how calm and pleasant he really is. It’s frightening how quickly these anchors can switch from psycho to fake nice without anyone being the wiser.

11. Boom goes the dynamite

Introducing the world’s worst sports guy. I feel uncomfortable every time I watch this video.

What are some other great news bloopers we left off the list? Share your favorites by leaving a comment!


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