There are certain roads around the world that go above and beyond your average paved street—they're so scenic, so dangerous or at such high altitudes that traveling them is an adventure in and of itself. Have a look at these 10 incredible highways that offer breathtaking views of mountains, lakes or rivers, or threaten drivers with anything from landslides and floods to hairpin turns and hijackers.

North Yungas Road, Bolivia

The “Road of Death,” a 35-mile stretch connecting Bolivia's administrative capital, La Paz, to the Yungas region, was deemed the deadliest in the world in 1995 by the Inter-American Development Bank. Despite the drenching waterfalls, extreme hairpin turns, rail-free cliff edges, and blinding clouds of extreme dust, the passageway, which accounts for 200 to 300 fatalities each year, continues to draw both tourists and natives because of its beautiful views of the Bolivian Andes. Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty images

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