A short story of 2 best friends. Men and a dog...

Dog falls in water...

Owner is frantic...

Dog struggles for life...


Hero strips off...

Hero dives in water...

Hero grabs dog....

Takes dog ashore...

Hero is hugged by gratefull owner...

Dog is dried off...

Reunited with thankfull owner...

Unfortunately I don't have more info about this story because it never made it "big news", and through much email forwarding lost it's detailed source of where and when.

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What a great story sorry there are not more people like this brave guy who just did the right thing. I have the little dog on my desktop and see him every day I would just love to know more about him I think he is a Bichon Frise but I'm not sure I would love to know his name. The german tourist deserves a medal in my book what a great guy he is. Maureen Australia

are you a vet?
no, i'm ****ing soaking

this guy who saved the dog suckscrying crying

actually, in the punchline (the version with the tourist being German) the question to the tourist is "are you a vet?" when he says "your dog is okay" and well, you read the answer :)

It's a great story but in wasn't a German tourist it was a melbourne model who was at the pier in Melbourne to scatter his grandmothers ashes when he jumped into the sea to rescue the dog. It made news here in Australia.

During all the to and fro...you lost the punchline!

"do you need a vet?"
Tourist "Vet!! I'm ****ing soaking!!!"

Yes, where can we find a story about the dog rescue? It is heartwarming.

I would like to have the names of them....
because this is such a great story!!!!
I love it !!!!!smile
That's what the world needs,brave people who just help without thinking to long until it is to late....

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