Saturday, 30 Oct 2010

These stories are merely meant to amuse, not to belittle any of the people involved.

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The National Library of France BnF has an amazing collection of prints from 1910 which depict life in the year 2000.

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Here we reproduce a complaint letter sent to Sir Richard Branson, which is currently being emailed globally and is considered by many to be the world's funniest passenger complaint letter.

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Meet the bullet ant. So named because those unfortunate enough to have been stung by one compare it to a gunshot wound – very unfortunate people - apparently, they have also all been shot.

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An interesting composition about the topic "what happens after we die". Interviews with people who died and came back, medical explanations for the phenomenon of near death experiences and proofs of a life after death...

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Overcrowded railway traffic in Pakistan...

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Amazing prehistoric art... with hidden messages perhaps?

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Did you ever wonder what's on family dinner tables in a different homes around the globe and how you rank with the rest of the world in the amount of money you spend on food in a week?

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Hello, can I speak to Annie Wan?...

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