1. Eyeball Tattoo

Corneal tattooing is not only possible, but it has been known and done now for over 2,000 years — it became almost commonplace in the late 19th century and into the 20th century to correct defects such as corneal scarring andleucomas.

These days, it is done less often because contact lenses are very effective at covering these defects, and prosthetic technologyis also more accessible.

However, not everyone can wearcontact lenses, and not everyone wants their eyeball popped out even if it is blind; hence cosmetic tattooing of the eye.

2. Scarification

Scarification is the creative and artistic application of scars in a controlled manner to achieve an aesthetically or spiritually pleasing result. In the process of body scarification, scars are formed by cutting the skin.

Even though many people hold that scarification is no more painful than tattooing, it is somehow more "intense" to most of them.

3. 3D-Art Implant

A 3D-Art implant is any object implanted fully under the skinfor the purpose of affecting a sculptural change of the surface.

The "invention" and popularization of implants as 3D-Art is credited primarily to Steve Haworth.

Implants can be stretched just likepiercings.

A good example of this are horn implants—they start as smaller implants, and are then taken out when healed and replaced with slightly larger ones.

This process is repeated to achieve the finalsize.

There are some risks of irritation tothe skin above the implant if this process is pushed too fast, as with all stretching.

4. Corset Piercings

One of the newest trends in body modification comes in the form of corset piercings.

They are a series of surface piercings arranged up the back in two vertical columns.

The piercing is located in the spot where the eyelets would be if one was wearing a corset.

It is a symmetrical piercing with an equal number of holes on each side.

As few as four holes can be used (two on each side) up to as many as the expanse of skin will allow.


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