Craigslist is a popular place to post free jobs listings. Sometimes the job titles are pretty funny.

Here are 51 funny job listings from the site for your pun-filled enjoyment...

Word Sell Gas Car Wash

Funny Job Titles

  1. experienced bra fitter – I bet they had trouble finding candidates for this one.
  2. PlayStation Brand Ambassador – please report to your residence in the United States of Nintendo.
  3. Eyebrow Threading – I REALLY hope this has something to do with dolls.
  4. Administraive/ Secretary – ok, ok, we get it. It’s clear where you need help.
  5. Finish Carpenter – for when the Start Carpenter gets tired.
  6. Helpdesk Technician @ Pentagon – “Uh, hello? I’m having a problem with this missile…”
  7. Nail Tech – so nails can be pretty complicated…
  8. Remedy Engineer – aren’t those called “doctors”?
  9. Saltlick Cashier – new trend in the equestrian industry. Ok, enough horsing around.
  10. Molecular Biologist II – when Molecular Biologist I gets promoted.
  11. Breakfast Sandwich Maker – we also got one of these recently.
  12. Hotel Housekeepers – why can’t they just say ‘hotelkeepers’?
  13. Preschool Teacher #4065 – either that’s a really big school or they’ve got robot teachers.
  14. glacéau drop team – for a new sport at the Winter Olympics: ice-water spilling.
  15. PLUMMER/ELECTRICIAN – get a dictionary/thesaurus first.
  16. DoodyCalls Technician – they really shouldn’t put down janitors like that.
  17. Golf Staff – and here I thought they were called clubs.
  18. Pressure Washers – what’s next, heat cleaners?
  19. Sandwich Artist – another “Jesus in my food” wannabe.
  20. Self Storage Manager – this is for self storage?
  21. Qualified Infant Caregiver – too bad for all the unqualified caregivers on the list.
  22. Ground Support – but there’s just more dirt under there.
  23. Gymboree Teacher – the hardest part is not burning your hands sliding down the pole.
  24. COMMERCIAL space hunter – so they did find animals further out in the cosmos? Who knew.
  25. JOB COACH – if they’re unemployed when they get to you, what does that say about them?
  26. KIDS KAMP INSTRUCTOR! – no spelling ability required.
  27. POOLS SUPERVISOR – “yeah, they’re still wet…”
  28. HOUSE MANAGER/TEEN SUPERVISOR – see the dictionary under P, for Parent.
  29. Licensed Seamless Gutter Contractor – just sounds bad.

50 Funny Craigslist Job Titles and Listings

Funny Job Listings

  1. Drive Around Round Rock and get paid!! – seems simple enough.
  2. Landscaping Labor – the new Green Party.
  3. ROCKSTAR DEVELOPER – and you thought only American Idol was manufactured.
  4. Wine & Spirits retail store looking for partime help – maybe they should stop drinking their merchandise first.
  5. Attractive, Busy Professional Seeks Very Attractive Personal Assistant – sounds one-sided to me
  6. The Perfect Nanny Needed – Didn’t Ms. Doubtfire retire when the movie ended?
  7. You might want to work with us forever – depends on your health plan.
  8. I WANT TO HIRE YOU ON AT $500 PER DAY – what happens at the end of that day?
  9. Where Are You? – right here. Where are *you*?
  10. RUTH’S CHRIS STEAK HOUSE – it’s gonna be a long night for poor Chris.
  11. BURNING BONZAI Server Needed – Bonzai server + matches = voila!
  12. Part Time Dog Walker Needed! – wait, what’s the full-time dog walker doing?
  13. Secret Shoppers Needed In Hollywood Hot Spots ASAP!!!! – oh great. You weren’t supposed to tell anyone!
  14. The easiest “SALES JOB” – EVER GONE FISHING WITH DYNAMITE? – uh, “NO”.
  15. SUPERINTENDED NEEDED – Superintended left already. She had stuff to take care of.
  16. Terramar Walnut Creek Seeks Front of House Manager! – no deal, I can only manage the back of the house.
  17. Part-time Quick Books – last time I checked they were books full-time.
  18. I Wish I Could Hire Everyone – better start looking for a really big office.
  19. Get Paid to Wave and Dance!!!! – This is one job I can do for free!
  20. Wanted: Happy Person – would that be “in your face happy”, “perky happy” or just plain happy?
  21. NATURAL PET STORE – the fake pet store is one street over from there.
  22. We Can’t Afford 8 More Years. Help Elect Democrats in November – talk about a pessimist. They already think that the Democrats will lose again twice more.


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Sad....very sad. Whoever wrote the comments on the job titles just isn't funny. Most of the job titles are self explanatory and the comments make the writer sound a bit simple.

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