Demonstration of how much physical space is required to house and transport 60 people. Car vs. Bus vs. Bicycle...

Space Requiered to house 60 people

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Date: 18 Apr 2010 | Author: mesmerX | Category: Pictures | Views: 31967

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This makes everything so completely paienlss.

This has made my day. I wish all psotigns were this good.

so true!

The picture with cars in it is having quite different zoom. The bicycles would take almost half of the picture with same kind of zoom.

based on probability this is accurate

it s very must now a days for all growthing countries

Look how much gas is being wasted on each trip! Why don't people share a cab or ride a bike to work like in Holland?

To any (American) commenting that there should be fewer than 60 cars in the picture -- next time you're driving to work, take a look around at the traffic. I think the statistic is something like 95% of passenger vehicles on the road are carrying 1 person--the driver. How many people do you know that carpool? Probably none.

or show a million buses, as each may have NO passengers...

In the city most cars have only one person.

Don't most cars carry 4 people? There should only be 15 cars.

Even the average trip in a car carries more than one person.

Robert Byrene
crying crying crying crying crying crying crying crying lol

To make an honest comparison they should have piled up sixty buses as well...since a car might carry 5 persons but, obviously not here...

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