The red button in a IBM 3390 cabinet is as big as three MicroSD cards nowdays...

20 gb data storage space

In 1980: Eight 2.5GB IBM 3380 Disk Systems equaled 20 GB of data. Estimated value of all 8 houses was $648,000 - $1,137,600. And that's back in 1980's. In 2010 that's equivalent to about $4,000,000. And in total, their weight was about 2 tones (typical Mercedes or BMW car).

In 2010: A single 32GB MicroSD card that you can put into your mobile phone - has estimated value of $100. And weight less then a birds feather.

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Date: 18 Apr 2010 | Author: mesmerX | Category: News, Pictures | Views: 5783

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