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Hotel sex is always better. It’s hotter, steamier, wilder and definitely a way to fulfill fantasies. It’s not that expensive and can really give you more satisfaction than a regular hookup.

If you haven’t had hotel sex recently, you’re missing out. Let me give you a few reasons why you definitely should – and soon.


1. It’s a New Atmosphere

hotel sex

Unless you’re a professional slut, each hotel room is new to you – and your partner. It levels the playing field when there’s no ‘your place or mine’ involved.

It’s a new spot for both of you, you both know you’re there to fuck so there’s no question of luck.

You’re there, he’s there, let the fucking begin!


2. Clean Sheets

hotel sex

At home, you’ll have to wash your own sheets after a roll in the sack. In a hotel, the maid will take care of it, so you don’t have to worry about staining anything.

If you’re staying more than one night, you’ll have the luxury of fresh sheets every night without having to lift a finger… so you can use your fingers in much more exciting ways.


3. Make Some Noise

hotel sex

If you or your man de jour live in an apartment or condo, loud sex might result in the neighbors banging on the walls or calling the cops.

You could even get a citation for disturbing the peace if your neighbors are lonely bitches that want to press the issue. At a hotel, the same thing might happen but generally people at hotels expect to hear the neighbors.

You might get a call from the front desk if you can’t keep it down, but who really cares.

You can have a good time and let the neighbors know all about it, usually without any cops involved. The only pounding is between you and him, not on the walls or ceiling.


4. No Inhibitions

hotel sex

As we’ve already discussed, when you’re at a hotel, you and your guy know exactly why you’re there.

There’s no need to be shy or reserved about anything. You can be as nasty as you want. It’s not only preferred, it’s pretty much expected.

So let go and give the man what he wants – and get exactly what you want. Don’t hold back. Yes, you can go there – you’re at a hotel.


5. Unleash the Exhibitionist

hotel sex

If you’ve always been an exhibitionist or wanted to be, a night at a hotel can give you a little taste without actually and definitely being exposed.

You can leave the blinds open on purpose and perhaps be seen or you can go all out and have him nail you while you’re bent over the balcony railing where a number of people might see and hear you. Go for it.


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That's going to make tghins a lot easier from here on out.

I was never in favor of public sex,(Prostitution Homes), sex is or should be a private right/thing, in private is better I mean more real, and why not a place to make it with all bells and personal is possible. showld be worldwide available, cheers Sex Hotel.

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