Comprehensive look at the state of the video game industry for 2010...

Video Game Statistics - 2010


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Date: 27 Jan 2010 | Author: mesmerX | Category: Pictures | Views: 10740

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Comments: 3

it makes sense exept for the top 5, i mean nintendo is from japan and both japan and china play the wii a lot more than the ps3 or the xbox, so i think it legit.

ok i retract my comment. but damn... considering most gamers are male and 18-49yrs old, those are some pretty simple, childish and plain games on that list. or perhaps those guys just don't buy alot of games, where women and children can have whatever they point at...

... it took me 15 minutes to realize THAT?! Useless statistics...

fake top 5 anyone?
todays platforms are way more popular than the nes was, and with more popular and accepted modern gaming culture, why aren't sims, mgs, gta and such listed? the records are beaten all the time, so i really doubt gb and nes have a say.

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