Interspecies friendships amongst animals or humans and animals are the greatest ever. Period! It's simply adorable and touching.

Here's a big collection that'll get you laughing & crying...

Dog + Chick

Aww, it is very protective of its little friend. :-)

Dog + Pig

"I took the pig and the dog to work." Not something you hear every day.

Dog + Duck

The duck seems more into it.

Puppies + Ducklings

Is it possible to die from a cuteness overdose? No? Thank god.

Dog + Kittens

This dog almost perished saving kittens. Did you hear me? Kittens!!

Monkey + Dog

I'm not sure that this is friendship, but the bond between rider and mount can run quite deep.

Dog + Raccoon

Oh god, the raccoon is already too-cute™ and then it starts playing with the dog and then... god, it's so cute.

Dog + Chicks

Awww, they love their mommy.

Dog + Horse

This dog is always willing to help out a friend.

Dog + Cat

What nice kitten kisses. Perfect soundtrack, btw.

Rat + Cat

I'm not precisely sure what this is, but it might be closer to harassment than friendship.

Crow + Cat

Huh, a black cat and a crow. You think they bonded over their mutual persecution?

Cat + Rabbit

This much cuteness is legal?

Cat + Red Panda

Kittens -- the ultimate medicine.

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Monkey + Cat

Wow, cool your jets monkey. This isn't that kind of site.

Monkey + Cat #2

Animal friendships have existed throughout the ages, of course.

Deer + Cat

Deer, you should really let cat reciprocate.

Badger + Otter

Did you hear it squeak? Are you kidding me? This is too much.

Hippo + Tortoise

Love truly knows no bounds.

Ultimate Video

I know, it's an awful lot of cuteness. Turn away if you must.

Lion + Human

This is a classic and also, rightly, the greatest interspecies friendship of all time.


BONUS: Picture Collection


Kitten + Rabbit

OMG, they look like fuzzy little brothers.

Kitten + Squirrel

Friend or foe?

(via DKimages)

Kitten + Dog

Interspecies Eskimo kiss!

Cat + Pelican

You think the pelican ever carries the cat around in its pouch?

Cat + Pig + Duckling + Chick + Bunny

This is... just too much.

Cat + Rat

Aww, what a tolerant kitty cat.

Cat + Bear

Wow, the bear seems more into it than the cat.

(via The Sun)

Cat + Iguana

What could they possibly have in common?

Cat + Snail

Do snails have the mental capacity for friendship?

Cat + Monkey

Awww, monkey, it is your baby.

Cat + Ducklings

I wonder what will happen once the ducklings start swimming.

Cat + Deer

More of an encounter than a friendship, but adorable none-the-less.

Cat + Dog

Kitty cat, you get an A++ in cuteness.

Dog + Fox

Didn't Disney make a movie about this?

(via On To Me)

Dog + Whale

What is going on here?!

Dog + Fish

Silly doggie, curiosity is for cats.

Dog + Kangaroo

I can't wait until the kangaroo grows up and lets the dog ride in its pouch.

Dog + Tiger Cubs

Oh my god...are you kidding me with this?

(via NPR)

Dog + Polar Bear

Awww, polar bear, you are so playful.


Dog + Squirrel

This is too much...truly, too much.

Squirrel + Giraffe

I hope that this is friendship rather than hunger.

Giraffe + Goat

Awww, they are sharing a meal.

Giraffe + Ostrich

Seriously, what do they talk about?

Duck + Owl

Will they still be friends in a year? Only time will tell...

(via Arbroath)

Deer + Bunny

ZoMG, so much brown fuzzy cuteness.

Chimp + Puma

Click through to the other pictures...the chimp feeds its little puma friend.

Eagle + Rabbit

Come on, this is just getting silly.

Snake + Hamster

Wow...will the miracles never cease?

Tiger + Piglets

Okay, you can stop now.

Manta Ray + Iguana

I guess I understand this friendship...they do both like to swim.

Swan + Fish

Oh god, it is feeding the little goldfish!

Bird + Mouse

Just...there are no words...precious (fine, that is a word).


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