Print out this handy little guide and learn, for cursing in a foreign language is just about as cool as having a girlfriend that dresses up as slave Leia to play kinky games with you.

fuck you in any language


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This is so much Fail, it's not fuck you, it's just a bunch of curse words mixed up. There are things like "go take a shit" or "up yours" even though there are equivalents for fuck you in everyone of these languages, the creator of this image just doesn't know them all.

Correction for croation : the correct form is:
Jebi se!

in puerto rico is: vete al carajo or jodete.

I'm Malaysia and I've never heard of 'Yet Meh'! haha. I dont think there is a word means F*ck You, maybe 'Pukimak kau'.
'Ngentot loe' in Indonesia means 'Your Fart' LOL
and I think in Mandarin is 'Ciao Ni'.

Your missing the H in the cuban translation and it's a C not an S (chingar). Also the puerto rico translation is the same. I'm puerto rican and have never heard of "hundir pelos" LMAO

Correction: In Hungarian, fuck you = "baszd meg" pronounced as Buzzed Meg :) "Gyurcsany takarodj" refers to ex-PM of Hungary, Ferenc Gyurcsany, and means "Gyurcsany go to hell"

Correction: In Portugal 'Fu*k You!' is "vai-te Foder"

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