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We eat junk food because we know it's bad for us and we get pleasure from this, it's enjoyable.

But on the scale of crimes as perceived by The Law, consuming junk food is hardly a great offense; it hardly even offends the senses.

Now, if you were to consume something that was actually illegal or at least extremely controversial, imagine the proverbial rush from that.

This is a list of meals and delicacies that push the envelope, with some of the latter dishes going on to open up said envelope, read what's inside, set fire to it and then snort the ashes.

These are the culinary equivalent of murder, of robbing a bank, of snatching an old lady's purse.

They are at best controversial and at worst, downright illegal. But all are delicious. Probably.


1. Horse Meat

A tasty meat-based treat, horse meat isn't a euphemism for anything; it's just the meat from a horse.

You know, those things that pull carts and carry spoilt girls around on their backs? It turns out that various places (and perhaps more than you'd think) around the world have a keen interest in horse meat, producing vast quantities of the stuff for human consumption.

In a report produced in 2005, it was found that the eight leading horsemeat-producing countries produced over 700,000 tons and China leading the way by a long margin, producing over 200,000 of those 700,000 tons.

Horse meat may not be a major meat outside of Central Asia, but that still doesn't stop the fact that people eat horses from all over the world, including some parts of Europe and South America.

It is typically seen as a taboo meat primarily because of the role horses have played in many cultures, namely that of worker, pet and companion, as it apparently seems strange to eat one's companions.

Horse Meat


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