You and your family are on a safari holiday in the middle of the wilds of Africa. You are walking along a pathway and come to a divided path – one path to right one to the left. In the middle of the pathway there is a big black native with a spear in his hand.

The problem with this, in this area there are two tribes, one is a friendly tribe and on reaching their camp you will be treated like kings and queens and be pampered to all your needs.

On the other hand the other tribe are cannibals and if you happen to reach their camp, you and your family will be captured and you will be their feast as they will eat you.

Next problem, the good tribe always tell the truth... and the cannibal tribe always lie. Keep this in mind as it is very important.

You must ask the tribal man in the middle of the pathway a question to find out which pathway to take left or right, remembering the good tribe always tell the truth the cannibal tribe always lie.

You don’t know if this is a good native or bad native.

What question would you ask the tribal man to send you on the correct path?


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'Point to the path that will take me to your village' if he is from the good tribe he will tell the truth and point you to his village. If he is from the bad tribe he will lie and point you to the good village too.

Are you African/tribal?

"Would the other tribe tell me that you are from the good tribe?"

Are you male or female?

If I was to ask a member of the other tribe which was the good route, what would they say?

Then take the other alternative.

"What's 1+1 equal?" Easy peasy.

whatt wheres the answer

Sirius...The Star Dog
Why does the porridge bird lay its egg in the air?

'does the good tribe always tell the truth?' if yes, then he's from the good tribe. if no, the other tribe

"Take me to your village" or "which is your village?"

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