Waterfalls are one of nature's most amazing wonders - found all over the world they've captivated man since the dawn of time.

The most famous waterfalls are often the tallest or widest, but there are actually lots of types of waterfall, from cascade to plunge to horsetail - they are all amazing in their own way.

So we searched and found some of the most spectacular waterfalls from around the world.


1) Known to locals for centuries, Gocta Falls was 'discovered' by the West in 2005.

Found in Nortern Peru it has two amazing drops.

The exact height of the falls is disputed, but it's somewhere in the region of 2500ft.

Gocta Falls



2) The world's highest waterfall at a stunning 3,212ft, the mist from Angel Falls can be felt a mile away.

Despite being one of Venezuela's top tourist attractions, the falls are difficult to get to.

An overland flight is required before you embark on a river trip to the base of the falls.

Angel Falls



3) At 2822ft, Vinnufossen falls is also located in Norway.

The volume of water differs throughout the year, but at full flow four spectacular drops can be seen.




4) The Langfoss Falls in Norway is over 2000ft high and 250ft wide, falling dramatically into a beautiful fjord.

Langfoss Falls



5) Found in the Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia, the Plitvice Waterfalls are a series of larger and smaller falls that link 16 lakes.

Formed by natural dams made of travertine, the falls range in colour from azure to green and grey.

Plitvice Lakes Waterfall



6) What list would be complete without Niagara Falls, Canada?

The most powerful waterfall in North America, it is actually made up of two falls - Horseshoe Falls and American Falls.

Many people have tried to conquer the falls over the years, including Maria Spelterini who crossed them by tightrope in 1876 and Annie Edson Taylor, the first person to go over the falls in a barrel in 1901.

Niagara Falls



7) Another Venezuelan waterfall, the Kukenaam Falls have a single drop of over 2000ft.

Springing from a table mountain, they form the start of the Cuquenán River.

Kukenaam Falls



8) Europe's largest waterfall at 1247ft, Krimmler Falls is a tiered waterfall with a seasonal flow.

The best time to see it is during June and July - the village of Krimml in Austria is a good nearby base.

Krimmler Falls



9) The tallest waterfall in New Zealand, Browne Falls is over 2500ft high with a single drop of 800ft.

Set against a lush backdrop, the falls plunge into the weirdly-named, Doubtful Sound.

Browne Falls



10) Located on the remote island of Molokai in Hawaii, Kahiwa falls is a tiered waterfall with a stunning 600ft drop.

Formed over the tallest sea cliffs in the world, the best way to see this waterfall is by helicopter tour.

Kahiwa Falls



11) Dettifoss, Europe's most powerful waterfall is found in Jökulsárgljúfur National Park, Iceland.

It may have a drop of just 144 feet, but the average water flow is over 200m^3/s.

Drawing its water from a glacier, Dettifoss can only be reached by a rough track, but the spectacular view is worth it.




12) Japan's tallest waterfall, Hannoki-no-taki is a single horsetail waterfall that pours into a basin at the bottom of another tall waterfall, Shomyo-no-taki.




13) Part of the Glacier National Park in Montana, Beaver Chief Falls is a spectacular tiered waterfall joining two beautiful lakes.

It's also known as the 'Diamond Falls' because the water splits into two channels, then converges again on the way down.

Beaver Chief Falls



14) Found on the Zambezi river in southern Africa, Victoria Falls is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

The falls are most powerful during the rainy season, when the spray is visible up to 30 miles away.

Victoria Falls



15) The Cascades de Trou de Fer are found in the canyon of the same name (which means "Iron Hole"), on Reunion Island near Madagascar.

The falls are part of the Bras de Caverne river which flows through the canyon - with 4 drops, the falls are around 2380ft high.

Trou de Fer Falls



16) Over 2000ft high, Alfred Creek Falls runs off the Alfred Glacier in the Yukon, Canada into an alluvial fan - a fan-shaped deposit at the base of a canyon.

A truly spectacular waterfall, it is one of the tallest in North America.

Alfred Falls



17) With a height of 2425ft, Yosemite falls is a major tourist attraction in Yosemite National Park, California.

According to Ahwahneechee legend, the pool at the bottom was inhabited by witches.

Yosemite Falls



18) The Kjerag mountain in Norway has some awe-inspiring scenery, not least of which is its 2345ft Kjeragfossen waterfall.

The waterfall plunges off a sheer cliff, but because the water volume is quite small it often turns to mist on the way down.

Kjeragfossen Falls



19) Another Hawaiian gem, the area round Waihilau Falls has been abandoned since 1940, making it one of the few pristine places left in Hawaii.

The lush green valley is home to several waterfalls, but the Waihilau Falls are the tallest at 2600ft.

Waimanu Falls



20) Nestled in some of the most unspoilt rainforest on earth, the Kaietuer Falls in Guyana, South America, is a truly awe-inspiring sight.

It may not be the tallest, but it is the largest single-drop waterfall in the world by volume of water.

To give you an idea of scale, Kaieteur is about five times taller than the more famous Niagara falls.

Kaieteur Falls


If you know of any more amazing waterfalls to add to the list then please add your suggestions in the comments below and we will get them included.

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Hi Dan!First of all thanks for ctniemomng! I agree with you that the walkways are definitely necessary and you're right, they are probably the only way for people to get such an up close look of the falls without slipping and sliding everywhere! I think that while they ruin the natural feel of the place by having walkways instead of just dirt hiking trails, they are probably doing the best job possible of preserving the environment by keeping people on well defined pathways. I was a bit surprised when I first saw the trams and definitely when I saw the jet boat tours. I was anticipating something a little more natural! My Disneyfication comment was really intended to prepare people for the fact that this wasn't going to be a true hiking adventure! Even so, it is still on the top of my list as one of my favorite places to visit!

Beautiful pictures, but where is Iguazu?

You list Krimmler Falls in Austria as Europe's largest waterfall, yet it is shorter than the three you list for Norway. Did you base that on water volume? If so, then Iceland's may trump it also.

tongue ok so yeah!

ms.dr. sci - fi ..
wow is all i can say !!!!!

Multnomah Falls, at 650 feet is Oregon's number one tourest attraction.

The author spelled Kaieteur Falls incorrectly.

El Salto y El Saltito en Guatemala!

Iguazu is in Brazil and is supposedly the biggest fall in the world.

Multnomah Falls, Oregon, just east of Portland, USA is quite amazing. It has a total drop of 620 feet split into two cascades, with a bridge between the two.

there are few falls in the town of courttralam in tamil nadu India and the water is about 24 deg celcius and most of the people from the state of tamil nadu and kerala come to bathe and also it is seasonal

that was a really crappy picture of Yosemite falls I've taken better with a disposable, seriously

IGUAZU FALSS???? sad sad sad

Aren´t you people aware that the IGUAZU falls, shared by Argentina (70%) and Brazil (30%) are the most spectacular waterfall in the world??? Please, do more research! iguazu.com.ar/

Where is Iguazu Falls????

id take a canoe down the last one

Amazing sights..picture 18 is incredible

where the hell is Iguazu?angry

Boo Peel
Some amazing pictues smile
Thank you for sharing them - I am a local of Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe and have always found them fascinating - but really enjoyed seeing the others.

For some more facts on Vic Falls visit victoriafalls-guide.net/

Thanks again

Gullfoss in Iceland is awesome as well, and is just a short drive from the capitol.

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