Devil's Town - Serbia

Devil's Town - Serbia

Devil's town -Djavolja varos is one of the most attractive natural phenomena in the world.

It is a place of strange forms with a strange name, a complex of stone-capped, spindle-shaped pillars in science referred to as soil pyramids.

It consists of 220 soil figures created by soil erosion.

The site got its name Devil's Town  for its strange appearance, being a very rare form of erosion.

It is also special for a great number of steady figures.

The process of erosion has been going on  at this site for centuries, therefore making some figures disappear and forming new ones...

The peculiarity which makes it different from other similar phenomenons in the world is the so called Djavolja voda (Devil's water), extremely acid water between the pillars, universally unique for its chemical composition, extereme acidity and high mineral content.

Metal presence in the water is from five to incredible 16 percent.

How do you reach Devil's town? The protected monument of nature "Djavolja varos" is in the south of Serbia, 89 km south-west from Nis or 27 km south-east from Kursumlija.

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Sara Stellenangebote
nice pics

First the kryptonite, now devil's water? There is a reason everyone wants a piece of this country.

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