Here are my picks for the Top 10 Scariest Videos on the Internet. We start with #10....

10. Ghost on the Staircase

This ghosthunter does his best to summon something hiding out on his staircase. He calls her "Carrie," but does she answer? You be the judge!


9. Spirits in the Backyard

All you want to do is cut the grass, but you have to worry about "them" showing up again.


8. Japanese Girl in the Mirror

Leave it to the Japanese, but they seem to know how to execute a good scare. Watch the mirror closely, no doubt it's fake, but well played at least.


7. Hide and Seek - FROM THE GRAVE!

This father records himself playing hide and seek with his daughter. This is strange enough...until he finds that there might be a third playing with them. A third - FROM THE GRAVE!


6. The Crying Ghost

The "Father of the Year" from the previous clip comes back for more. Too bad his daughter is nowhere to be found.

This time he hears something creepy coming from the hallway. I'm sure his interior monologue went something like this:

"I tell you what. I'm not sure what that thing is, but let me fire up this video camera and go check it out!"

5. Ghost Car Police Chase

This is a great video. Police are in hot pursuit of a driver on the run, when suddenly, he's gone.


4. The Phantom of the Abandoned Church

Two idiots guys take a video camera into an abandoned church. Upon opening the door, they hear a piano playing when there should not be a piano playing. Commence freak-out.

WARNING: NSFW Language. As I mentioned before, idiots.


3. Poltergeist in the Kitchen

I have to say that this video made me laugh. Assuming this is a hoax, it's pretty well orchestrated. Watch as drawers open with silverware sailing from them, with pots and pans flying across the room. My personal favorite? When the cabinet throws up cereal. Gold.


2. The Haunted Rocking Chair

For some reason, Poltergeist activity really intrigues me. The photographer sets up their camera in an empty room. Watch what happens to the rocking chair. In-SANE!


1. Fallen Angel in the Woods

I love this video. Obviously a production, but watch what happens when a few gentlemen investigate some strange happenings in the woods. Is that a dead body? Or is it really dead at all?

Have a happy, and safe, Halloween.



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Comments: 6

scariest wont i say all are tricks film

english teacher
nice videos:D

I HATE THE 2nd last one!sad

Mr. woman
Its a well done production

laughing Haha Love em'!

I have to say, I've seen the Fallen Angel one before, and the first time I saw it, I totally packed my pants full of warm brown fudge.

I would really love to find out if it's real, or if it's fake... Any idea whether it's either?

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