Siege of Leningrad, Russia 1

“The Siege of Leningrad, also known as The Leningrad Blockade was an unsuccessful military operation by the Axis (Nazi) powers to capture Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg) during World War II.

The siege lasted from September 9, 1941, to January 27, 1944, when a narrow land corridor to the city was established by the Soviets. The total lifting of the siege occurred on January 27, 1944.

The Siege of Leningrad was one of the longest and most destructive sieges of major cities in modern history and it was the second most costly.” - from Wikipedia.

During nine hundred (!) days a few million people city of Leningrad suffered from cold and hunger, being deprived of almost all supplies of food and fuel.

Many thousands died, those who survived remember this not very willingly.

The situation with food was so heavy, no food was sold/distributed among people except a few grams (not even tens or hundred grams) of bread, and not each day, that people had to eat stuff that they would never eat in normal life, like making soups of leather boots (because leather is of animal origin) or boiling the wallpaper because the glue with which they were attached to walls contained a bit of organic stuff. Of course many occasions of cannibalism occurred.

On those photos you can see some pieces of those old photos made during those black days overlaid to the modern city views, respecting the place and angle of view.

Siege of Leningrad, Russia 2

Siege of Leningrad, Russia 3

Siege of Leningrad, Russia 4

Siege of Leningrad, Russia 5

Siege of Leningrad, Russia 6

Siege of Leningrad, Russia 7

Siege of Leningrad, Russia 8

Siege of Leningrad, Russia 9

Siege of Leningrad, Russia 10

Siege of Leningrad, Russia 11

Siege of Leningrad, Russia 12

Siege of Leningrad, Russia 13

Siege of Leningrad, Russia 14

Siege of Leningrad, Russia 15

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p;#1077; сни&#1
084;ки! Я не зна&#1
102;, что цил&#1

Remek képek. A hordókat nem tudom mire vélni...

gran trabajo !!!!!!!!!!

Jestem Nawacacza a

angrypieprzone ruski nie dość ,że zerżneli nasz pomysł to jeszcze się wybielają ...a

super szkoda ,że nie ma więcej

wielkie mi halo ... juz gdzies cos takiego widzialam

a macie jakies ciekawe fotki z 17 wrzesnia (17 september 1939?)?? moze cos tam by sie dajcie, nie badzcie tacy, nie dajcie sie prosic...moze cos z Ostaszkowa, Sybiru, albo z Katynia? Na pewno tez ladnie byscie obrobili, nie tylko w photoshopie, ale i troche historycznie sie wybielili...

I can see only one photographer. His name in latin alphabet : Siergiey (or Sergey) Larenkov

Mickey J Barczyk
Can anyone write the photographers name in latin alfabet?

zerzneli motyw polaczonych zdjec z galerii o Powstaniu Warszawskim :/

ciekawe jak by wyglądała np. Warszawa?

This is barrage balloon:

I think they might be the barrage balloons, used against low-level attacking aircrafts. Quite dangerous for aircrafts because of the metal cables they were attached to. Some of the barrage balloons even carried small explosive charges, but their main role was to force aircrafts to get higher - within the range of AA guns.

rewelacyjne misz-maszy...

Fascinating. Hey - Anyone know what those big balloons (line mini-zeppelins) are?

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