Unbelievable X-rays (12) 1
A whole light bulb from the bottom of this guy was removed. The man said he woke up with the bulb, but none were sure what it was till the x-rays came in.

Unbelievable X-rays (12) 2
A dentist found the source of the toothache Patrick Lawler was having on the roof of his mouth; a four-inch (10-centimeter) nail the construction worker had unknowingly embedded in his head six days earlier.

Unbelievable X-rays (12) 3
This X-ray shows a boy who ate magnetic pieces of a block one at a time. When they pushed his stomach, they reconnected, according to the report.

Unbelievable X-rays (12) 4
Some of the items children may intake includes safety pins.

Unbelievable X-rays (12) 5
A fork is found in this X-ray.

Unbelievable X-rays (12) 6
Now this x-ray shows what Elsie, a 6-month-old Saint Bernard, had in the stomach.

Unbelievable X-rays (12) 7
A film shows PVC plumbing pipes put inside.

Unbelievable X-rays (12) 8
This x-rays show items such as bedsprings & batteries that are taken to gain trips to outside.

Unbelievable X-rays (12) 8
A 6-inch pair of scissors seen in x-ray in the abdomen of an Australian Pat Skinner.

Unbelievable X-rays (12) 9
This guy, a construction worker Isidro Mejia got six nails in head while working.

Unbelievable X-rays (12) 10
A face seems to appear in the X-ray of a duck.

Unbelievable X-rays (12) 11
Dutch actress Georgina Verbaan published impressive x-ray profiles on her website to confound her critics.

Unbelievable X-rays (12) 12
Python gulps down queen-sized electric blanket.

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