How did they end up like that?

(Photo by: Avi_Abrams)

(Photo by: Jeff Tsai)

(Photo by: funny-potato)

(Photo by: IAB)

(Photo by: kreaturr)

(Photo by: adhangar)

(Photo by: the bubu)

(Photo by: sleepingchinese)

(Photo by:

(Photo by: sleepingchinese)

(Photo by: kirainet)

(Photo by: sleepingchinese)

(Photo by: matsiltala)

(Photo by: Silent Sensei)


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Comments: 6

It's making me sleepy.. lollaughing

Please remove my picture above. Nathan Nobis. Thank you! sad

In the picture with Ronald McDonald, it's not uncommon for that exact type of bench with his statue to be right outside of a Ronald McDonald house. It's a facility, usually next door to a hospital, that allows family members to stay for an extended period of time at a reduced rate to care for a loved one in the hospital (think cancer treatment, critical surgery with difficult recovery, etc.). Having stayed in one before, I completely empathize with the fellow who is catching a quick nap, and I have a completely different context with which to appreciate the image.

Tyler Wells
i like the 4th to last one

Zach Page
I like to play with little boys... like Tyler Wells... laughing

Really Funny laughing

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