There is a time and place to kick back a few cold ones, and right before a media engagement is not one of them.

Especially when some of these guy's idea of "a few cold ones" is a fifth of Johnnie Walker.

However, when your whole life is in front of the camera, there will inevitably be some cross-over.

When that happens, it is our job make sure that these shit-shows do not go unnoticed.

The best drunken TV moments follow:

Danny Devito on The View

Everyone's favorite little man to hate. Not quite a dwarf, or is he? Here's Danny DeVito getting crazy on The View after staying up all night partying with George Clooney. I don't know why they would feature him on this show, but if it were me, I would show up hammered as well.

Alex Trebek Has a Filthy Mouth

Who would have thought that the host of TV's beloved Jeopardy! was drinking during the taping of most of the shows? Seeing Trebek in this light would also lead you to believe that maybe he doesn't know all the answers to the questions he asks... maybe they're written on those cards. Either way, I have new-found respect for his seemingly pretentious attitude toward incorrect answers now that I know he was just trying not to hiccup.

DiggNation: Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht

The boys behind DiggNation prove that it is OK to take a break from the daily grind of submitting articles and cleverly commenting on top ten lists to kick back a few...or a few too many. Are the laptops of these cyber-stars considered heavy machinery?

Artie Lange Needs to be Tranquilized

Coming as no surprise, here's a clip of noted alcoholic/fat guy, Artie Lange rip-roaring and sloppily drunk. This guy is like the new Chris Farley, but not quite as funny. It takes 6 guys to keep him under control, and I bet one has a cattle prod or a blow dart gun behind his back. Do you think that studio audience was there just to see him drink?

James Brown Released from Jail

The Godfather of Soul once epitomized cool. Known for his sweet perm and for being inebriated most of the time, here's a timeless clip of Brown after he was released from prison after having shot at his wife with a handgun. Brown was able to post bail (even though he claimed he was "out on love"), in order to tour South America where I'm sure he wore too-tight jump suits and got all rowdy.

Ben Affleck Gropes Journalist

Widely known for riding the coattails of Matt Damon, in this video Affleck shows us some of his own moves. He claims that the journalist's scent is intoxicating, but we suspect he had some additional help to get him to this point. Come on baby let's get that rack out on display! My god this is hard to watch.

Tracy Morgan Makes Morning Show Worth Watching

Tracy Morgan is one of the most underrated funnymen in all of television. In this sketch, you'll will the get opportunity to see Morgan shirtless and shit-faced. The upside to Tracy Morgan coming to your town, as you will come to learn, is that someone will most likely get pregnant!

Paula Abdul Drunk on QVC

I don't know what we could say about this crazy woman that hasn't been already said. I guess you could make the analogy that seeing Paula Abdul in a drunken video is like getting laid by a porn star. QVC needed some excitement, though the sparkly jewelry combined with her sporatic gyrations probably caused some epileptic seisures among the geriatric viewership. The more bling the better!

Anna Nicole Smith Drunk at Awards Show

Anna Nicole Smith, RIP. That's all we gotta say on this one...

Drunk Courtney Love Throws Make-Up at Madonna

What do you get when the leader of a subversive music movement kills himself in the prime of his life and his wife attempts to carry the torch? This trainwreck. I remember about ten years ago, everyone used to make the distinction that Courtney Love was at one time a beauty queen or a prom queen, but I have never once seen her look remotely well put-together or even sober for that matter.

Gary Busey Gets Angry at Kid Interviewer

Let's face it, at one point Gary Busey was once best known for being everyone's favorite Nick Nolte doppelganger. Then in 1988, he got in a massive motorcycle injury, which resulted in some minor brain damage. He has not been the same ever since (see: Entourage). Here's Busey yelling at some kid, presumably under the influence of some charcoal filtered vodka.

Drunk Joe Namath Speaks His Mind

Things were just different in Joe's day. What now may be termed "sexual harassment" was then called "charm". What woman in her right mind would claim inappropriate advances from this guy? With his sideburns and fur coat, he looks like the most macho teddy bear I have ever seen. Broadway Joe has had a few too many before this interview with a foxy sports reporter.

Steve Carrell on The Daily Show

Although staged, these videos of The Daily Show correspondent Steve Carrell getting black out drunk surely fit the bill. The process is very scientific, basically feeding him a variety of different beverages until he has lost all of his motor skills. During the discussion of the fiasco on the ride home in Stephen Colbert's car, I couldn't help but think of the role reversal from 40 Year-old Virgin. "I want some fuckin' french toast!"

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