Here’s something to try out the next time you want to have some fun in the sun - water skidding. Yes, we do mean skidding, not skiing. It’s like walking on water, except that you’re moving much faster and traveling on your behind. If you can’t imagine what this might look like, check out this YouTube video of a man wearing nothing but his Speedos zip down a water slide and skid across a pool for several metres!

As you watch the expert water
skidder in replay after replay, you’ll come to appreciate his impeccable form while also hatching a plan to perform the exact same feat in front of your friends the next time you’re out at the water park. So just how does he do it? While tight swimming shorts are key to reduce friction, there are also some additional principles of physics at play that will help you on your way to becoming the hot topic by your local water slide.

To find out how it all works, skip on over to Popsci, which is where we first found out about this entertaining activity.


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Date: 16 Aug 2009 | Author: mesmerX | Category: Videos | Views: 3511

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