Flight on the fire extinguisher

They say that if the train moves with the speed of light and you then start moving in the train you can’t move because it means you would start moving faster than speed of light and that contradicts with modern science beliefs, but nobody actually tried to do this.

Well, here the Moscow subway train that is not moving with the speed of light yet, so they could do some nasty tricks like this one - the flight on the fire extinguisher inside of the moving train car full of people.

Obviously it’s some kind of attempt to attract attention to the site mentioned in the end of the video but the method they use is like not usual.

And another video about movement, this time about the flight on Porsche Cayenne.

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Date: 16 Aug 2009 | Author: mesmerX | Category: News, Videos, Pictures | Views: 4286

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this is retarded

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