How The Average U.S. Consumer Spends Their Paycheck...

average us spending figures

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Date: 12 Jul 2009 | Author: mesmerX | Category: News, Pictures | Views: 37109

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You should claim the pro-rated amnuot you paid on the old property and any pro-rated amnuot you paid on the new property (often in advance of the year-end billing), then remember to make any necessary adjustments after official tax bills come out and get re-divided. In theory, you paid the taxes by giving the money to somebody else (or putting it into escrow for taxes) and you are allowed to assume they actually made the necessary payments to the necessary authorities. A lender holding tax escrow should give you an annual statement of taxes collected, held and paid out.

where's cell phones? that's easily more than reading

Left out Childcare for the average 2.5 sized family.

I pay $165 a week for one child to go to Preschool/Daycare while my wife and I work and another $60 a week to put the older one in an after-school program till we get home from work. Jobs in our physical area do not pay well enough for just one of us to work, so it is a necessary and very large expense.

grammar 101
Ok boys and girls, can anyone tell me the difference between "your" and "you're" dip shit?

F the IRS
If you took the total 63k and actually included all taxes paid together for the appropriate tax bracket for this income (63k is not in a 21% bracket) then taxes would be your single greatest expense

To whomever thinks the numbers in the middle represent income before and after taxes needs to learn how to read. 63k in before tax income and 49k in expenditures (as represented by amounts outside the circle) note the expenditures do not include FIT medicare/medicaid contributions or any SIT, property tax. I would assume the expenditures take into account any sales tax and usage tax.

doesn't the average American always spend more then they have so shouldn't the % add to over 100%

Ok your a dip shit, dip shit, first if you subtract the avg earning by expenditures that does not give you the taxes. Income tax, property tax, sales tax, cell phone tax, cable tax, hotel tax, liquor tax, ect... the avg tax for middle class is around 45% and will rise under the supreme leader King obama.

Hey dipshits! Taxes ARE included. See right in the middle where the big stack of money is? There are some numbers there. ($63091 - $49638 = $13453, or 21.3%)

Meaningless without including taxes


$457 on alcohol?!

Apparently they forgot to poll the Southern States.

Dept of Labor. Very Pretty. But of course NO Taxes.

Meaningless without including taxes

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