Funny street sign combinations and names...

One of the most photographed street signs in Manhattan, NY, USA: the pround intersection of Seaman Av and Cumming St.

In Nashville, TN, USA, the choice is clear: it's either Church or Gay Street

Hang a left on Kitchen-Dick then hop onto Woodcock in Sequim, WA, USA

Meet you at Charles and Manson Street in Waterloo, Iowa, USA

Clear enough?

The most literal separation of Church and State in Concord, NH, USA

Where Destiny meets Inspiration, in Wilmington, NC, USA

They call it Johnson, Smallwood Johnson

It's either Prosperity or Clinton in Newberry, SC, USA --thanks for the tip, Alisha!. You may also want to look for Fidelity St and Clinton Drive, in Houston, TX, USA



Pictures of Insanely Complex Intersections

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There is a 69th & Bangor in lubbock

oh yeah
reminds me of a rural road I pass occasionally - pea liquor lane

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