Friday, 24 Apr 2009

Some say that dancing is a language of its own. Well, if that is true these dance crazes are all screaming out one thing: "Shoot Me!". Here is our list of the eight most ridiculous dance crazes.

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Let's give the devils their due. Yeah, they've screwed over thousands of innocent people. But some of them had balls the size of hot air balloons and for that, we must salute them.

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Part of growing up is realizing almost everything your mom said was wrong. This is especially true when it comes to the human body where, as you'll see, mom often failed to do her research.

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We have ordered the following entries roughly from least disturbing to most, and the very worst have been placed safely at the end. We recommend no one look at them.

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While evolution is very widely accepted, many people hold to misconceptions about it. This list should help to dispel some of those myths.

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In honor of all of the U.S. Presidents who have graced the White House and fearlessly led USA, here (in no particular order) is a list of 10 of the weirdest things you (probably) never knew about some of our Commanders-In-Chief.

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Can You imagine the hours it would take, to practice these moves!!

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