Just spent some time on YouTube watching funny fight scenes, and I’ve compiled a list of what I think are the 7 Funny Fight Scenes. Some are unintentionally funny, while others are meant to make you chuckle.

I attempted to place the intentionally funny ones up higher on the list, but a couple of the so-super-serious-it’s-silly ones were just so damn funny they had to be near the top.


7. Hilarious Indian Movie Fight Scene

How great is that? The slo-mo parts are just fantastic, then all of the sudden, the dude stops mid-flip to go all on the big dude’s head. And I’m not so sure we shouldn’t see more dancing-after-a-victory in American cinema.


6. Most Ridiculous Fight Scene Ever

This one gets the award for Worst Fight Choreography and Best English Dub!


5. Ash vs His Hand

Somehow has become known as a horror film. I’m not sure how this happened, because it is obvious to anyone who actually watches it that it’s funny as hell. Only an man as manishly manly as could cut off his hand and still be able to .


4. Bad Star Trek Fight Scene

Maybe this is why .


3. Kung Fu Hustle Final Fight Scene

It doesn’t get much more over the top than this — flying people, men turning into bullfrogs, stepping on a bird in mid-flight, a giant invisible hand attack, and much, much more. If I could’ve placed in it’s entirety here, I would have, because the rest of the movie is just as awesomely absurd.


2. The best and most ridiculous fight ever filmed.

I’m not even sure where to begin on this one. The whole damn thing just keeps building on itself. First, you get knife licking. Then, tearing of shirts and lots of yelling. Follow that up with a knife that sparks when it barely touches metal. And don’t forget, a discarded rag can be a useful weapon. But wait, is this a P.S.A. for eye safety?

The final lines make this thing just brilliant beyond measure. I’m seriously gonna need to on DVD.


1. They Live - Fight Scene

I’m not alone in loving this scene. It is one of the most infamous fight scenes in movie history. I know a lot of people don’t find it funny because of the brutal realism of the violence (although I maintain that it is unrealistic to think a man would be able to keep fighting if he got three thousand consecutive knees to the knuts). But as the up-loader says, “Roddy Piper is crazy, and wants everyone to try on his new sunglasses.” Now that’s funny.

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