Friday, 10 Apr 2009

All about "The Freemasons", "The Illuminati", "Skull and Bones" and other secret societies you've probably heard by now...

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The Soviet Union decided the best way to show up the West was to build the biggest version of any given object. The following are just seven of the largest examples.

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These days, striking out with the opposite sex is as simple as buying a webcam and "being yourself."

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Do you ever get the urge to just start your own country, with your own damned rules? Well, some people actually do it. All it takes is a small, uninhabited piece of land you can claim (though it helps to also be completely insane, or to have balls the size of watermelons).

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Body piercing is something of a modern fad amongst youngsters (and some oldsters). Some people have become so fascinated by this practice that they have "extreme" piercings.

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Like other wonders of the modern world, these amazing green wonders are places you must see before you die. These structures are unique in the world for their brilliantly creative methods.

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Here's a amusing picture collection of dogs being cute and funny...

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