Ever since the origin of rollercoasters mankind has been pushing the envelope to see how fast and hard a person can safely be hurtled down a track.

The further you venture from a soft, comfortable ride the thrillseeker gets the more fun is to be experienced. Things have developed a whole lot since the early days of ice slides and wooden rollercoasters.

Now it is more common for a coaster to have 90 degree drops, reach speeds in excess of 100mph and throw you into corners with G forces normally only experienced by fighter pilots.

Here are ten of the best rollercoasters in the world that are sure to leave you on a major high!


Kingda Ka

Kingda Ka

Kingda Ka: Arms down, head back and hold on: the Kingda Ka may not be very long but it’s bound to leave you wide eyed and twitching!

Kingda Ka reigns supreme as the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world at the Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey. This ride towers high at 456ft tall with a 418 ft incline and a sickening drop at a sheer 90 degrees with a half twist.

From a completely stationary position, KingDa Ka will catapult a cart to 128 mph in just 3.5 seconds. Crazy! But so cool.


Steel Dragon 2000

Steel Dragon

Steel Dragon 2000: What could cause the normally polite and somewhat restrained Japanese to squeal and scream in public?

Answer: the Steel Dragon 2000. You might be used to getting on a rollercoaster and stepping off much sooner than you hoped - scream, scream and it’s all over. Not on this ride - the Steel Dragon is quite the endurance coaster.

It’s so long that you might actually deplete your ability to scream by the end of the record breaking 8,133ft long track.

The Steel Dragon 2000 has a massive 306ft drop from its tallest point of 318ft and zips along the steel frame reaching a maximum speed of 95mph.


Millennium Force

Millennium Force

Millennium Force: Cedar Point’s mammoth Giga-Coaster, the Millennium Force, has terrifying rides that hurtle round 6,595ft of steel track for well over 2 minutes.

At the tallest section you’ll endure a stomach-churning 300ft drop. Passengers rush and plunge along the track through two separate dark tunnels and two crazy 122 degree overbanked turns that produce a gut-wrenching G force.

Frequently heard phrases from the 10 million people who have been on the ride include: “Ahhhhhhhh”, “Ohhhh noooo”, “S&%t!” and “We’re gonna die”.


Top Thrill Dragster

Top Thrill Dragster

Top Thrill Dragster: The Top Thrill Dragster is essentially the older and marginally shorter, slower version of its arch rival - the Kingda Ka.

Now, when I say marginally inferior I mean the drop is only 18ft shorter and rattles along 8mph slower - both rides have the same short and intense duration and I doubt you’ll feel much of a difference.

The Top Thrill Dragster snorts and revs like a real dragster and for some added fear can sometime stall at the top and roll back down in reverse … which is apparently normal on both this ride and the Kingda Ka.




Dodonpa: The Dodonpa at the Fuji Q Highland Park is the third fastest coaster in the world - so there won’t be much time to admire nearby Mt. Fuji.

Take a ride on Dodonpa and you’ll reach 107 mph in less than 2 seconds, that’s faster than any supercar on earth!

Dodonpa messes with your mind fromt he start as passengers are forced to wait anxiously in a darkened tunnel before the countdown to an insanely fast acceleration out of the tunnel, screaming down the track and then getting fired up and over two humps which have 90 degree drops on each side.

At the time of writing Dodonpa still holds the record for the fastest launch acceleration.


Thunder Dolphin

Thunder Dolphin

Thunder Dolphin: The Thunder Dolphin, at the LaQua section of the Tokyo Dome City, is an excellent coaster and it deserves extra kudos for a unique design around the building in central Tokyo.

The Thunder Dolphin starts off with a dizzying 218 foot lunge at a steep 80 degree angle. You then race around the track at speeds in excess of 80 mph making this impressive 3,500-foot long, 26-story tall a mental joyride.

If you are ever in Tokyo, definitely do not miss out on the Thunder Dolphin coaster!




Goliath: Goliath is a rollercoaster of biblical proportions and like its namesake this ride was a world beater when it was revealed in Feb 2000, but was subsequently overtaken by leaner, stronger and faster opposition.

The layout of the ride follows an out and back form into a twister for the second half.

Riders on Goliath experience intense G forces of 4.5 Gs for over six seconds straight!

As you would expect with a name like Goliath, the coaster towers at a monstrous 255 feet above the ground and the 3 minute long rides reach speeds of up to 85 mph covering over 4,500 feet of steel track.


Dragon Khan

Dragon Khan

Dragon Khan: Located at the Port Aventura theme park in Spain, Dragon Khan has a story behind it: the evil Prince Hu of Beijing has been brought back to life in the body of this rollercoaster and his fury is dealt out each time a human dares to climb atop his back.

Whether you get into the story or not, Dragon Khan’s 4,165 feet of tangled, red steel track is so full-on that it will have your heart in your mouth for an entire minute!

Dragon Khan starts off with a 161ft drop with top speeds of up to 65mph as you hurtle through its 8 inversions.

The ride is remarkably smooth and held the world record for the most inversions for many years.




Titan: The Titan in Six Flags Over Texas puts each passenger through a bone-jarring joyride of twists and turns.

The impressive layout includes a negative G camelback turn and a double helix turn that produces 6 full seconds of sickening G force of up to 4.5 G.

The Titan has a massive drop, 255ft at the tallest section, and reaches speeds of 85mph during a 5,280ft long ride lasting for 3 and a half rather thrilling minutes.




Nemesis: Alton Towers’ leading ride is the aptly named Nemesis, a gut-wrenching thrillseeker’s inverted coaster waiting to take its retribution out on you through a sequence of crazy plunges and mind-numbing turns!

Experience up to 4 G’s as you are propelled at 50mph through 4 inversions.

The ride corkscrews and loops along the 2,349 ft track for one and a half minutes of sheer excitement.

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Comments: 43

wassat scary

since im only 8 and ive only been to siix flags great adventure i think that el toro is the best coaster ever but this year im tall enough to ride kingda ka and also nitro im going to ride them!!!!i hope they are scary but fun rollercoasters.

THe Millinium Force is the best ride ever! I never care if I have to wait in a hour long line just to get on it... Its amazing!

I love Cedar Point it is so much fun!!! Its funny how freaked out people get when standing in line for the top thrill dragster!

atleast i cant go for any one of thm.....its horrible.....

god dam

For those of you who think kingda ka is not worth the wait the second line up is alot shorter. While one line did have a two hour wait the other had a 15 minute wait every time I went on it. Even though I do not get alot of oportunities to go to these places I still think kingda ka should be at #1 or at least still be on the top ten list. Behemoth does not desereve to be on that list at anytime. It is the tallest and fastest in Canada and is almost the same as nitro. So if you cannot decide between canada's wonderland and six flags great adventure the clear choice would be six flags great adventure.

dragon khan rocks.same as steel dragon but why goliath and titan they are regular hybercoasters

Here's a list why TTD is WAY better than KK:

1: TTD has only lap bars instead of those Crappy Restraints on KK.

2. TTd is at Cedar Point, the best Theme Park in the world.

3: you get to see the beautiful Lake Erie from the top of TTD.

4: TTD is much better themed.

5: TTD is Much smoother than KK.

Millenium Force Should Be #1. And who the heck would waste only 1 drop on Kingda Ka? MF and TTD are WAY better than the #1 Crap!

My Top 10 are:

10: Spinning Dragons (Worlds of Fun)

9: El Toro (Six Flags Great Adventure)

8: Mamba (Worlds of Fun)

7: FlashBack (Six Flags Over Texas)

6: Poltergeist (Six Flags Fiesta Texas)

5: Turbine (Six Flags Holland)

4: Maverick (Cedar Point)

3: Prowler (Worlds of Fun)

2: Top Thrill Dragster (Cedar Point)

and 1 is no other than................


Here Are MY Top Ten:

10: Spinning Dragons
(Worlds of Fun)
9: El Toro
(Six Flags Great Adventure
8: Mamba (Worlds of Fun

7: FlashBack (Six Flags Over Texas)

6: Poltergeist (Six Flags Fiesta Texas)

5: Maverick (Cedar Point)

4: Kingda Ka (Six Flags Great Adventure)

3: Prowler (Worlds of Fun)

2: Top Thrill Dragster (Cedar Point)

and 1 is no other than..................


hm...Nemesis I think it spoils this list I like most of the list but Nemesis surley yegh maybe it would be in the top 10 at Alton Towers so if Nemesis is on I would say Air or Oblivion would defo get on list AND WERES HULK? The list should go...

1. kingda ka
2. top thrill dragstor
3. ring racer
4. millennium force
5. hulk
6. diomandback
7. dodonpa
8. air
9. goliath (over georgia)
10. oblivion
smile smile smile smile

smile i am new to this website, and i am so going to toyko!!! SO AWESOME! my dad thinks im sick because i can go on the TWISTER(Darien Lake, Ny) LIKE 10 TIMES IN A ROLL AND WANT TO GO ON AGAIN!!!!!

roller coasters r the bestsmile(well,at least some if themwassat

X2 and dragon khan the bests!!laughing

smile omg wanna go on all of those!


roller coaster girl
omg what about behemoth? i guess this list isnt too recent behemoth is the tallest fastest coaster in canada!!smile not sure if i could go on it though steel dragon looks good though, so i probably couldwassatwassat

x2 hands down is a dam beast. nothing can beat diving headfirst 95degrees on a rotating track with your seat also rotating on its own axis. the engineering is a work of art

If you havent been on X2 dont even comment becoz you havent ridden anything like it and you wouldnt no

X2 is the best ride in the world y is king da ka even on there it is just one thrill but x2 has much more excitment and why is top thrill dragster ther it is basicly the same ride as king da ka i have been to both ceder point and six flags magic moutain and i think six flags is far better with more rollercoasters and more variety and why is riddlers revenge not there it is emmence

cedar point - best place in the world. top thrill dragster <33..been on all the roller coasters there and they are all tha bomb!

I can't believe 'X2' at Six Flags Magic Mountain isn't on this list. Drops and Speed are nice, but nothing compares to the engineering masterpiece that is X2!

I was at Cedar Point last week. Millennium is awesome, and so is Dragster. We had to waint 45 mins for each ride. I prefer the 2 minutes of Millennium to the 20 seconds of Dragster.

The best park in the world Cedar Point Millennium Force all the way #1 and where's the Raptor?


those look so fun!!!

Trevor bell
Think if u mixed all those rides together what would u get.

Trevor bell
wow thats some rides u got therewink

lol yeah kinga ka is awesome but its always down bcuz its always getting struck by lightning lol the past 2 times ive gone there its been closed for the same reason its like a giant lightning rod lol

sadsadsad im so jelous of the people who live in new jersey right now i would love to go on the kingda ka and i totaly disagree with jake. waiting to go on that ride would be sooooooooooooooooooooooooo worth it becuz you dont get to do that everyday thats a once in a lifetime chance!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

sad:angrycrying wow i would be doing all of those on the kingda ka ride

Thanks for sharing about rollercoasters on earth. beautiful pics. Various rides for kids in Thomas land. Have a wonderful experience in Fuji Q Highlands Theme Park. Enjoy the Fujiyama ride, this ride has a height of 230feet at a 65 degree angle. Looks very dangerous. For more information about Fuji Q Highlands Theme Park in Japan refer journeyidea.com/fuji-q-highlands-theme-park-in-japan/

wow !! AMAZINGsmile

AH! That would scare the living crap out of me! but again, I've been on the titan. It's not THAT scary... I just felt like crying crying

angry haha im not really angry, but i think dueling dragons at orlando, florida is the best of all

Ride Warrior
agreed, Kingda Ka and Dagster arent worth the wait,
Millennium Force is bomb thhough!

r u kiding?king da ka 1st?wats wrong with u its 1 drop and u wait 2 hours!six flags has so many betterr roller coasters just bcuz its the tallest and fastest roller coaster doesnt mean its "the best" its not worth the wait!

oh my goodness kingda ka is amazing. im dying to go on Millennium Force it looks just as good. Same goes for Steel Dragon 2000 :]

iv ridden 2 of those amazing!


cristine | secret regret
wat a ride!

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