Pictures of mug shots of criminal victims from the past...

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Date: 16 Mar 2009 | Author: mesmerX | Category: Pictures | Views: 4957

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The Khadr-loving CBC will only publish phtoos of terrorists they are in love with. They are still hot and panting for Khadr... when that passion cools a bit, they might find one of these finalists from the "Mr.Criminal" contest to throw their panties at. Give it time.BTW ... I counted 12 clear and sure Muslim names. How many are converts and still retaining their old names, I wonder. And the 2 Russian names' origins, I have no clue about. Chances are that more than 50% of these war criminals are the CBC's beloved moslems.Some months ago, it was either Atlas Shrugs or Michelle Malkin or some other blog that I read about how Arabs are illegally entering the South American countries and buying Latin passports and identities. So, in my books, any Latino caught in any wrongdoing would have to give a DNA test to determine their race. They are all beginning to look like Hamas and Hezbollah thugs to me.

Yep you right. Couldn't find the word for "guilty person" during time of putting up the post.

Interesting. But why "victims"? Aren't these people delinquents?

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