1. God help us.

Sicks (Photo by Laura Kicey).

2. Furst kum, furst surfed.

Groj (Photo by Kuminiac).

3. From a politically astute second-grader.

Ff (Photo by Lettuce1).

4. Nice try but no cigar.

Orange (Photo by Tiny_tear).

5. Now hiring: police officers. Minimum educational qualifications: none.

Toad (Photo by Xetark).

6. In love with all things domestic.

Homo (Photo by 4rank).

7. Sorry, we can't not point out how retarded you sound.

Water (Photo by C.A. Shields).

8. And we all so clearly see who flunked remedial grammar.

Donuts (Photo by Steph Tichenor).

9. Someone paid for this?

Huh (Photo by Cloudasmoke).

10. Boat and mast sold separately.

Sail (Photo by The Real Devil Doll).

11. You!! are!! a!! moron!!

Ladder (Photo by Touchmenots).

12. Harry Potter's country hideaway.

Private (Photo by Zach Krugler).

13. Yum.

Wings (Photo by Stephee).

14. At least there are no spelling mistakes.

Patient (Photo by Seth W.)


-- Source: http://www.themishmash.com

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Date: 8 Mar 2009 | Author: mesmerX | Category: Pictures | Views: 4620

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Comments: 4

Except for the fact that it looks like all of these signs were made in America. :P

Yu-kai Chou
I kinda agree with itlog. The author seems to be too harsh towards language issues. I don't think it's really a matter of intellect. Not looking in the dictionary is laziness, not low IQ. If you went to somewhere like Korea and had to do everything in Korean, you might make 1-2 mistakes like that out of 1000 things you do.

I think the content is somewhat funny, but the title overkills it.

The title is correct. If a person is incapable of looking it up a dictionary, then they're just plain stupid!

Wrong title. The people who wrote those stuffs could be more intelligent than you are. Who said that people who can't speak english well has Deficient Intellect? Japanse people are not good at it but they are more intelligent than people who are very good at english.

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