Ten curious questions you never thought to ask, and their answers:


Q: If a smoker goes in to a coma for long enough, do they wake up without a craving to smoke?
A: It takes around 8 days for nicotine to completely leave the bloodstream, taking with it the physical craving. If a person is in a coma for longer, they would not have cravings for nicotine when they wake up, though they may still feel the effects of the habitual nature of smoking.


Q: What is the temperature at the tip of a burning cigarette?
A: 1292 Fahrenheit (700 celsius) when the smoker inhales. It is cooler between puffs.


Q: When will the world end?
A: Unless a major catastrophe occurs beforehand, in 4.4 billion years the sun will cease to provide heat and light.

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Q: If you fell out of a space ship and held your breath, how long would it take you to die?
A: Holding your breath in space is likely to damage your lungs. You have about 15 seconds before your pass out and die in Space, due to lack of Oxygen.



Q: What are the average wages of a porn star?
A: From 50 - 1,500 dollars per scene. Women generally earn more than men, and successful stars can earn six figure salaries.


Q: In which countries is prostitution legal?
A: Parts of Australia, Parts of the USA, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and a number of other nations. For a more complete list (in case you are planning your vacation) try this Wikipedia article.


Q: What country is Timbuktu in?
A: Timbuktu is in Mali, West Africa


Q: How much does a mail order bride cost?
A: $5,000 is about the overall going rate


Q: Who invented the drinks can?
A: Ermal Fraze of Dayton, Ohio, invented it in 1963. It us US Patent 3,349,949


Q: If you tied buttered toast to the back of a cat and dropped it from a height, what would happen?
A: The cat would land on its feet as they can twist in mid-air to ensure they land feet down. Toast only has mythical power to land butter side down.


Source: http://listverse.com

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