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There have been many other attempts to decipher ancient languages, or to crack codes that have been made for fun or fortune. This is a list of the ten most famous ciphers and writing systems that are still unsolved.

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The middle ages (5th - 15th Centuries AD), often termed The Dark Ages, were actually a time of great discovery and invention. This is a list of the ten greatest inventions of the Middle Ages (excluding military inventions).

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You can actually make the most incredible inventions from stuff you keep throwing away or lying around in your house. Here's a few examples of what I mean...

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A phobia is an irrational, persistent fear of certain situations, objects, activities, or persons. Here are the top 10 Bizarre phobias!

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I started thinking about all the things we can make ourselves if we put forth a little effort and found lots of cool instructions online.

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Looking around the Japanese web I found many weird and wonderful exams and qualifications... I present the top ten strangest qualifications I came across!

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