Sunday, 25 Jan 2009

Amazing, we underestimate animals intelligence all the time. It really is incredible what they are capable of. Check out this amazing story with these amazing pictures!

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Ok, this stuff is amazing, I have never seen this before in my life and it’s just nuts. This is pretty much concrete that light can get through. It’s just as hard but has a more pleasing appearance.

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We all have parts in us that we don’t need, that maybe we did need, or were going to need. Anyway here is just an interesting list of 20 body parts we have that we just don’t need, what we did need them for, or what they could have been used for.

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I think the brain is most interesting when it doesn’t work the way you expect it should. Psychology often confirms our intuitions about how our minds work, but it offers quite a few surprises as well. Although some psychology buff’s will have heard a few of these before, here’s a list of quirks in your brain you probably didn’t realize you had...

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In honour of Her Majesty, here are five great British walk-outs...

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A nine-year old Chinese girl was playing in Songjian near Shanghai, in July 1992 when she was carried...

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