1. The snap card. This tutorial demonstrates how to make a card selected by the audience appear on your hand instantly. Love this one.

2. The revolver. Performed and taught by a kid, but who cares? This trick makes each card in the deck turn over with a flick of the cards. Simply AMAZING.

3. hanging Card - A trick made using a cool colour change.

4. The Coin Matrix - Make coins transfer beneath cards. Simple, yet amazing.

5. The Drop Change - Throw a card onto a deck and it instantly changes into a different card. Great trick for a large audience.

6. Pen through a dollar coin - With a simple bit of modification you can perform this.

7. Spin Change - A card instantly changes to a different card while being spun around.

8. Glass through table - Amazingly simple yet effective trick where you force a glass through the table.

9. How to tear a phone book in half - Not so much magic, just damn cool.

10. Self tying shoe lace - Simple modification, amazing effect.

11. Healed and Sealed - An empty can becomes one full of drink.

12. Several Card Tricks - All Amazing

13. Snap Vanish - Make the card instantly dissapear in a snap.

14. Jumping Gemeni - Famous card trick.

15. The Double Shock - Another Famous card trick.

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Date: 7 Jan 2009 | Author: mesmerX | Category: Videos | Views: 3888

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