Bored? Unspeakably, interminably, mind-blowingly bored at work? Then why not put on those headphones and be productive with your time instead. Ten great ideas can be found within - ten websites with which to waste way too much time at work.


The Sun in Motion

This website is a little cerebral, so if you do not know what that means, skip it and go on to the next one! However, you may be a sun worshipper and if so, why not spend some time getting to know all about the big shiny thing that orbits our little blue planet.  Or is that the other way around? Whatever, you can learn all sorts of stuff here that will impress your workmates. 

Plus it is available in full screen and Imax version so you can really get to grips with the science in a big way.  This will keep you busy for a long, long time!


Colors in Motion

Color is hugely important, and at work it is even more so as this is spend most of your day: whether you are asleep or awake is somewhat relevant but whether you snooze in a somnambulistic manner or become rigid with boredom, there must be a way out.  Thinking about what you would do with the office décor given the time, energy, inclination or court order will give you plenty of distraction from that stuff which pays the bills and feeds your children. 

This site allows you to discover the importance of color.  And it is really, really important.  Honest.


Flower Garden

If you are interested in nature but all the science of the sun in motion makes your head hurt, then you can create your own flower garden instead.  Simply click on the screen and a flower will appear.  Click again and another. 

You can even keep your finger down on the mouse button and wave it about (like you're dealing with some really heaving accounts in Excel) and you can get a whole garden immediately.  Once your screen is full, refresh it and start again. And again.  Ad infinitum. 

Brainless but compulsive, you will go home knowing that the day at work was good.


Elevator Moods

Do you have an elevator at work? Ever done anything in it?  That's a shame.  Why not give yourself a few ideas by looking in to what other people do when they are in the elevator. 

There are fourteen floors to explore (no number thirteen?) and each experience will enable you to learn just that little bit more about your fellow man, while the clock ticks inexorably towards home time.  Waste not, want a lot.


Office Party Invitation

If you want to knock up a quick but effective logo for that rather drunken congregation of colleagues you are planning, then this site is the perfect one.  You can choose from a variety of famous brands, pop in your own words and hey presto, an image you can then paste on to that invite to give it a professional look. 

This may not be classy, but it will get the message across that your party is going to me much more trailer than condo.  There are lots of other brilliant ideas at this website - so this will definitely kill some time - and make you hugely popular at the same time.  Ahem.


Make your own Peace Crane

Work can be tiresome.  Interminably.  The good thing about offices though is that there is always heaps and heaps of paper around.  Paperless offices were a good idea, but what a flash in the digital pan they proved to be! 

Talking of flash, this animated website may be just enough for you to fend of those 'boredom bends' at work.  So enough griping from me, go put some of that paper to good use and make yourself an origami peace crane (only one of a number you can choose from here). 

As well as doing something useful at work (for once?) you will discover an inner peace you thought impossible in the workplace.  Plus the animation is step by step and you can pause it so your clumsy fingers can catch up!  You can even go on to make a zillion of them and surprise everyone the next day by displaying your handiwork throughout the workplace. You will be adored! Especially by  the boss. 

Beware though - promotion and defenestration are words that managers sometimes confuse with each other.


The Weather

The weather!  You need to know if you are going to need to carry that umbrella all the way back home and lose it - again.  Well, not that you would lose the same one again, of course, you would lose another umbrella because the other one is lost. Already.  Never mind.  You type in your location and you will be told the likelihood of rain in your area.  That won't waste much time I hear you sneer with a harrumph. 

Well, you have friends in other places, don't you?  All over the world I expect.  Go ahead.  You know you want to!


Forget the Rain, Nuke Your Town

If your idea of rain is rather more apocalyptic than a little aqueous precipitation, why not let the fallout fall instead?  With a little help from Google Maps and a teensy weensy bit of Javascript you can see what the effects of a nuclear bomb would be in your neighborhood - or anywhere else for that matter.  Plus, you get to choose the bomb too!  Here, I chose ‘Fat Man' to destroy Birmingham in the United Kingdom.

Not because I have anything against the cit, you understand; just, no-one would notice it was gone.  On this site, you can choose a variety of bombs, up to one hundred and forty kilotons.  If that isn't enough you can also see what a meteor would do with your place of choice.  Bliss for those of you who think Jericho should never have been cancelled..


Unnecessary Knowledge

You may love trivia and if so you need to acquire it in the laziest way possible.  All this site requires you to do is to press the refresh button and you have some wonderful wisdom to impart to your colleagues on your coffee break (you know, the time between nine and five). 

The knowledge is, as it says on the label, completely unnecessary, which of course makes it all the more desirable. 


Last but Not Least... Zombo

If all of the above involve using way too much energy then simply c lick on the link above to take you to a place on the net where you have to do nothing.  Welcome to Zombocom!  Sit back, listen and watch that clock!  It will soon be time to go home and log in and, well, you know the rest!

A final note to those readers who did not find every site mentioned in this article 'wondrous'.  Many tastes must be catered for at every banquet!  Plus, did you see that alliteration in the title? Did you see it? Hey, hey! Click the 'liked it' button! Darn it, they've gone...



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