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Shia Muslims are similar to Roman Catholics in Christianity. They have a strong clerical presence via Imams and promote the idea of going through them to practice the religion correctly. Sunni Muslims are more like Protestant Christians. They don’t really focus on Imams and believe in maintaining a more direct line to God than the Shia.

The irony is that you are totally ignorant of the Orthodox Church, which is the second biggest Christian religion, and the biggest one in the Arab world anyway, so why not actually mention it by name, instead of focusing on the old, ignorant western, Protestant-Roman Catholic dichotomy??

Sorry to correct some of the things you mentioned here, myself being a christian lebanese
1- Christians in the Arab world are in Lebanon Syria, Egypt,Jordan, Iraq, "Palestine", 2 families in Bahrain.
2- Indonesia is not part of the Middle East to be mentioned here
The Chrisitians of Iraq are not Arabs but Assyians with their own language, The Christians of Egypt are Pharaonic and not Arabs, the Christians of Lebanon and Syria are Phoenicians and Not Arabs etc.... We speak Arabic because we were Arabised the Islamic invasions from the real Arabia known today as the gulf countries.
in 7 you made the same mistake that you warned against as to the Arabs not being all muslims by saying that their share with the jews......and the rest of the story

thanks for this article, was useful to a non-westerner like myself too! smile

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