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Hairspray, one of today’s prevalent hairstyling solutions, is a product found in most households.

It is the female equivalent of hair gel and the cure-all solution for the domestic handyman. Aside from preserving desired hair contours, hairspray happens to have quite a number of alternative uses and some of them are actually not found in other household products.

Hairspray, with its capability to stiffen and shine hair, can provide somewhat similar benefits to various home-related endeavors.

For instance, you can use hairspray to stiffen sheer fabrics and give ornamental fixtures a nice sheen. The sprayed substance is pretty sticky, which makes it a decent pesticide and a fur remover.

The amount of uses for such a spray is potentially endless, but for now, let’s focus on the established ones.

Here are several hair-raising uses for hairspray:


1. Ladder and Tangle Prevention for Stockings - Apply hairspray on your stockings, which will stiffen the undergarment’s strands. When the hairstyle solution settles, your stockings will have a hairspray-based covering that will make your stockings ladder and tangle resistant.



2. Zipper Stiffener - Zippers have a tendency to unzip, especially if they are attached to a tight pair of jeans. Avoid an embarrassing mishap in the club or at any public place by applying hairspray on your loose zipper.

The spray’s active ingredient will harden the zipper teeth’s grip, which lowers the chance of an accidental exposure.

3. Preservative for Cut Flowers - Hairspray, just like a cryogenic prison, slows down the wilting of cut flowers. It stiffens the blooms, preserving their youthful appearance in the process. Ideally, you should spray beneath the leaves and petals from a foot away.

The formulations of some hairsprays may be too potent to be sprayed directly on the bloom.

4. Fur Remover - Fur is hard to pickup when scattered on the floor. To make things easier, spray a generous amount on some tissue then scrub it on the scattered fur. The stickiness of hairspray will surely capture all those pesky little buggers.

5. Lint Remover - Lint and dandruff make fabrics look old and unstylish. Restore your wardrobe into its fasionable state with a little help from the popular hairstyle solution. Spray a generous amount of hairspray onto a rag then rub it on your clothes. After a while, your clothes will be spotless.

6. Means of Self Defense - Hairspray doesn’t only preserve hairstyles, but it can also stop muggers dead in their tracks. When a mugger makes his move, get your can of hairspray and splash a generous amount of hairstyling solution on his face. It will sting his eyes and irritate his sinuses.

You then have the option to flee or to bop the baddie with the spray can.



7. Insecticide - Annoyed with flies, mosquitoes, and other flying pests? Get rid of those little beasties by dousing them with hairspray.

The spray’s active ingredient will stiffen those insects’ wings and limbs, rendering them dead or at least paralyzed.

8. Shoe Polish Extender - The problem with shoe polish is, it stays on for only a limited period. By spraying a little hairspray on your leather shoes, their glimmer will last for the entire day, unless you walk on mud or a generally dusty area.

9. Enhancement for Advertised Food - For restaurateurs, hairspray comes as a means to enhance the appearance of dishes to be advertised.

The styling solution will make the food look striking and more appealing, which can easily influence the appetites of onlookers. Just don’t make the mistake of taking a bite from those hardened dishes.

Food not real


10. Newspaper Enhancement - Turn newspaper into elegant wrapping paper by spraying it with hairspray. Just like hair, the newsprint will harden and look more vibrant. It will bring a nice classic touch to your wrapped presents.

11. Art Project Preservative - A child’s art project is worth keeping. Make the piece withstand the test of time by binding it with hairspray

. The substance’s polymer/chemical content will shield the piece from smudging and losing its robustness.

12. Ink Mark Remover - Hairspray’s sticky base, when rubbed, can fade ink marks off of fabrics and furniture. Spray it on the ink blots and blotches then scrub them with a rag or a toothbrush. Moments later, those stains will be nothing but mere afterthoughts.

13. Drape Straightener - drapes are prone to having unflattering folds and creases, especially if they are close to large furniture. To straighten them, coat the folded portions with hairspray, which will gradually stiffen. Press and rub on those areas immediately, before the solution dries.

When the curtain has been straightened, the coats of hairspray will keep totally upright, lowering the chance of permanent folds to develop.

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14. Dirt Protector for Drapes - Long and flowing curtains are serious dirt collectors. They gradually darken and lose their vibrance after a few months. You can protect your drapes from the “aging” effects of dust and dirt by applying several coats of hairspray.

Dust particles won’t be able to penetrate the chemical/polymer-based coating.

15. Makeshift Flamethrower - Hairspray is flammable, which means you can use it as an unconventional weapon. Position a lit lighter in front of the spray then press the applicator. What used to be a liquid for maintaining hairstyles becomes a blazing barrage of flames. Never point your makeshift flamethrower at people because they may get seriously hurt.

16. Threading Aide - Sprinkle a little hairspray on a strand of sewing thread. When the solution dries, the thread will be more erect and stable. You then will have no trouble pushing it through the eye of a needle.

17. Christmas Wreath Preservative - Christmas wreaths are elegant enough to be displayed beyond the Christmas season.

The problem is they eventually wilt and even lose form. You can make the most out of the stylish Christmas decoration using your can of hairspray.

Apply hairspray on the wreath, which will trap the juices in the fibers. As a result, the wreath’s beauty will be preserved.

Christmass wreaths


18. Stain-Free Items - Objects like menus and recipe cards are prone to getting soiled, especially when cooking. Shield those items from unwanted stains by covering them with several coats of hairspray.

The styling solution forms a thin layer that repels stain-causing substances.

Hairspray’s popularity over the years has slowly declined, since there are items on the market that have proven to be better styling solutions.

That negative trend will soon come to a halt once people discover all of hairspray’s alternative uses.

When that time comes, don’t be surprised if you see a number of musclebound hunks carrying several cans of hairspray from the supermarket.

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