Scattered across the farm-belt of the United States of America are acres upon acres of the craziest corn mazes that mankind has ever conceived. Twisted labyrinths of crossing tangles leading nowhere, everywhere and somewhere, depending on the path you choose to take when you begin and those paths you choose unto the end.

Driving along the scenic highways or the dusty, gravel roads of the farm-belt of the United States of America, you will see miles and miles of farmlands and pastures. Even though the majority of these farmlands grow the corn, grains, beans, rice and many other fruits and vegetables, some of the farmers are subsidizing their farming income by cutting or growing their corn crops in a particular way, so to create elaborate corn mazes and charge the public to take a trip through.

Mazes have always challenged us with puzzling twist and turns where some paths lead to the way out and other paths lead deeper into the maze and eventually to a dead-end. It is one thing to use a pencil or a pen to work a maze on paper or use a mouse to solve a maze on the computer, but it is something entirely different when we become the mouse scurrying around a corn maze on a grand scale and trying to find our way out before a search party is sent out looking for us.

Halloween is just around the corner and the time for many more corn mazes will be opening up, soon. The haunted corn mazes are the best in my opinion, having been through a few of them, myself. Trying to navigate through a corn maze during the daylight hours is hard enough, but Halloween haunted mazes open up at night and is filled with all sorts of sneak-up and gotcha props and actors. Of course, for me, it is hard to stop thinking about the horror film “Children of the Corn” when I am coursing through a corn maze at night.

Sever's Safari

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Challenge yourself to a safari corn maze in Shakopee, Minneapolis and at least you will not have to fear getting attacked by a hungry lion or charged by a protective bull elephant.


If I Only Had A Brain

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The adorable “Scarecrow” from the classic movie “The Wizard of Oz” was cut in a 10-acre corn field, which I imagine would have us seeing flying monkeys in a couple of hours of mass confusion. This maze was located in Boise, Idaho.


Belmont Corn Maize

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While not in the farm-belt of the United States, this 10-acre maze was located about fifteen minutes southeast of London, Ontario and sponsored by Husky Travel Centre in 2006. To make the journey through the maze spookier, the guest could stumble into a haunted cemetery and scary Halloween decorations.


2005 Great Lakes Chevy Dealers Corn Maze

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Auto dealers are sponsoring everything these days and this corn maze drives over its competition. This maze is probably much tougher than it looks.


The Pig Is Back

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Maybe the thought of being lost in the bowels of a happy-go-luck piggy isn't your idea of spooky and maybe your right, but this bacon is enough to make almost anyone sizzle with a bit of frustration after walking in circles for awhile.


2006 Special Olympics

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The Special Olympics USA National Games sponsored this amazing 18.5-acre corn maze, just outside Knoxville, Iowa that at the time was considered the potentially the world's largest corn maze.


Jurassic Utah

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Located in Pleasant Grove, Utah, the “Jurassic Utah” corn maze has brought the dinosaurs back to life again. There is nothing worse than being lost inside the loins of a giant T-Rex, except maybe being eaten by one.


Oregon Pumpkin Patch Corn Maze

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Located near Terrebonne and Smith Rock, Oregon, this maze resembles the “The Wizard of Oz” yellow brick road and the castle of the Wizard. Nonetheless, this is one that I personally would pass on for times sake.



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Scream Acres created this Jack-o-lantern corn maze in 2007 for their haunted maze tours. Guests are treated to worst nightmares that the Scream Team could dream up and their monsters could jump out and grab the guests at any given time. Located on Leaders Farm in Northwest Ohio.


Vesperman Farms “The Most Challenging” Corn Maze

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Some farms design there corn mazes to scare visitors and others are paid by sponsors to promote a service or product, but Vesperman Farms set out to create the most challenging corn maze.

The twisting turns and endless dead-ends are enough to drive you mad like one of Steven King's characters in the movie “The Shining”. Located in Southwest Wisconsin is the most challenging 5-acre maze to puzzle visitors for hours.

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