I admit - I’m a coaster junkie. The title of this post may have confused you, so let me explain. I’ve scoured many of the roller coaster sites across the web, and this is a list of the Top 10 coasters of 2008.

I’ve added a point of view video for each of them, allowing you to ride them….in your underwear. These roller coasters are what I consider the absolute best coasters for 2008 - some of them new, and some of them so good, they still belong in the top 10.

You’ll notice that I have the coaster details for the first six, but I couldn’t find the info for the last four, so I just added my own comments about them.

I started this post months ago, and just got back to finishing it. Luckily, I know you don’t care what I have to say - you just want to see the coasters. Enjoy!


#1.GeForce Expedition

Holiday Park

  • Type: Steel Junior Hyper
  • Status: Operating since 2001
  • Designer: Intamin
  • Max Drop: 180 feet
  • Max Speed: 74 mph
  • Inversions: 0


#2. Superman Ride of Steel

Six Flags New England

  • Type: Steel Hyper
  • Status: Operating since 2000
  • Designer: Intamin
  • Max Drop: 221 feet
  • Max Speed: 77 mph
  • Inversions: 0


#3. Millenium Force

Cedar Point

  • Type: Steel Giga
  • Status: Operating since 2000
  • Designer: Intamin
  • Max Drop: 300 feet
  • Max Speed: 93 mph
  • Inversions: 0


#4. X2

Six Flags Magic Mountain

  • Type: Steel 4th Dimension
  • Status: Open
  • Designer: Arrow
  • Max Drop: 202 feet
  • Max Speed: 76 mph
  • Inversions: 6


#5. Goliath

Six Flags Over Georgia

  • Type: Steel Hyper
  • Status: Operating since 2006
  • Designer: Bolliger and Mabillard
  • Max Drop: 175 feet
  • Max Speed: 70 mph
  • Inversions: 0


#6. Goliath

Walibi World

  • Type: Steel Junior Hyper
  • Status: Operating since 2002
  • Designer: Intamin
  • Max Drop: 151 feet
  • Max Speed: 66 mph
  • Inversions: 0


#7. Fahrenheit

Hershey Park

This coaster boasts a 97-degree drop which is beyond straight down. Fahrenheit has a 12-story drop, will reach a top speed of 58 mph and traverse a twisted course of inversions. The five loops include: a corkscrew, cobra roll (2), inverted S roll, and another corkscrew.


#8. Behemoth Ride


Behemoth is a B&M hyper coaster, and is Canada’s Largest, Tallest, and Fastest Coaster.


#9. Led Zeppelin The Ride

Hard Rock Park in Myrtle Beach

A large B&M looping coaster themed after the legendary rock band Led Zeppelin. The station will be a zeppelin and the ride will be synchronized to their hit “Whole Lotta Love”.


#10. The Dominator

Kings Dominion

This B&M floorless coaster has five inversions, and one is the largest vertical loop on the planet.

Didn’t see a coaster on the list that should have been here? Tell me about it in the comments.

Source: http://www.listropolis.com

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Nice lineup! The behemoth looks awesome, but I'm still standing by my personal favorite - the Drachenfire in Williamsburg, VA.

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