Monday, 24 Nov 2008

Can you have much too much, much too young? These ten junior celebrities are proof that yes, you can. From drug and drink addictions to car and relationship wrecks, fame can spoil even the youngest souls. Fortunately, some child stars have overcome their destructiveness, whereas others are fading away, and may more have burnt out completely.

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Reto Schneider has collected some of the most bizarre experiments conducted in the name of science for his book 'The Mad Science Book'. Here he selects nine of his favorites...

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Nerdy reputation or not, coin collecting (otherwise known as numismatics) has been a hobby since the days of ancient Rome. If you’re not a member of the enthusiast crowd, though, knowing a thing or two about the following faves just might be enough to help you rub elbows with true aficionados.

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Physical torture represents the power to punish. Although virtually every major culture in history has proven itself willing and able to torture human beings, the overwhelming number of seriously twisted techniques have been associated with...

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