ET finger cloud

Imagine it’s twilight - you’re lying on the grass, staring in the sky and familiar shapes appear in the swirling cumulus.

The clouds look like demonic marshmallows that infect the sky.

They transform into amazing faces, beautiful fish, flying saucers and demons.

These are some of the unknown wonders of the natural world and we’ve decided to compile a list of 30 of the most incredible, for your viewing pleasure.


Incredible Cloud Faces and Figures

1. This cloud over Budapest in Hungary looks uncannily like an Australian Aboriginal man.

Australian Aboriginal Male

© sandor banyai

2. Some may liken this cloud above the Maldivian island of Meerufenfushito to the first female UK Prime Minister, Maggie Thatcher, others might see Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

Maggie Thatcher or Queen Elizabeth Cloud

© james gossage

3. There’s no mistake this cloud resembles actor Marlon Brando, best known for his role as Mafia boss Don Vito Corleone in The Godfather Trilogy.

Marlon Brando cloud

© micheal poole

4. King Louis XIV looking regal in the sky.

King Louis XIV cloud

© annegret richter

5. Betty Davis giving ‘that’ look.

Betty Davis clouds

richard carlson

6. Coming through! This guy’s in a hurry.

Running man cloud
© flaminia grubacki

7. A dude on a cross?

Hanging jesus cloud

carl tidy

8. Carebear gone crazy.

Crazy carebear cloud
fluffy von der flynn

9. Is it a shark? Is it a face? Whatever it is, it looks downright creepy.

spooky face
chad ramsey

10. Crossed legged demon watching the world go by.

crossed legged demon
avi abrams



Amazing Cloud Animals

1. The Donnie Darko Bunny lives on.

donnie darko bunny
richard carlson

2. Smoke angel left behind from airplane flares.

smoke angel
russell e cooley

3. A cloud looking suspiciously like The Lion King cub, Simba, but has is it been ’shopped’?

lion cub cloud

4. Power station fumes form pigs in space.

pig shaped cloud
© ian loxley

5. A freshly pruned poodle spotted in the sky above Chicago, Illinois.

cloud poodle
© jackie morin

6. There’s something fishy about this cloud over The Blasket Islands, County Kerry, Ireland.

Fish cloud, Ireland
© gavin tobin

7. Dragon shaped cloud spotted over Monument Rocks Natural Area in Kansas.

dragon shaped cloud kansas
rob graham

8. Anyone else think this looks like a roaring lion?

roaring lion cloud
andy chan

9. Want gravy with your roast chicken?

roast chicken cloud
© matt eyre

10. We’re in two minds whether this is the profile of an elephant or a gremlin resting on its elbow. What do you think?



Bizzarre Clouds

1. Size matters?

penis cloud
richard carlson

2. ET phone home.

ET finger cloud
richard carlson

3. This cloud almost looks like a giant finger bursting through the heavens.

giant's finger in cloud
richard carlson

4. A clawed hand gropes its way across the sky.

hand clawing the clouds

patric shaw

5. It could be a spaceship, not unlike the Starship enterprise but does anyone else see the upside-down kayak?

kayak clouds

6. These awesome clouds look like giant smoke signals. We’d hate to see the size of the people making them!

smoke signal clouds

7. Weird cloud formations setting over a castle’s fort. Anyone know where this pic was taken?

cloud over castle fort

8. Disc shaped cloud hovering over mountain in …

disc cloud over mountain
photographer unkown

9. Classic UFO shape produced by lenticular clouds. This one was spotted over Damascus, Syria.

UFO lenticular clouds
© gianandrea sandri and roberto cavallini

10. These lenticular clouds, known locally to New Zealanders as ‘pets’, look more like a mass landing of UFOs to us.

UFO landing clouds
© glynn hubbard



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Comments: 17

I think the "Brando" cloud looks a lot more like an Alec Guinness cloud.

laughing tongue smile wink
super.....beee the sky woa

number 8 in the weird shaped clounds in mt.everest in bellingham

tongue angry fucking n not

Patrick (NL)
You could fake em. But believe me the lenticular clouds do excist! My dad was a pilot and he had to learn about all clouds to predict the weather and other conditions to fly. These are documented.
Seen em to in the alps on vacation but not as big as this!

Photoshop kicks ass!

It would be too long for me to mention the "Signs in the Heavens" of our "End Times".

No doubt 9/11 served as a "TEMPORAL MARKER" for our End times!

For more "End times' Signs", you can go to:


@Guest | 29 Oct 2009 - 10:19

um...yes, 99.9% of the photos here are real... are you trying to tell me the famous picture of a lenticular cloud over mt fuji is fake? id like to see the look on a japanese persons face when you say that.

these aren't real. you can go to webistes where you can edit pictures and look the way you want them.wassat

Nice picturessmile

I liked a lot. It has lots of useful info. This article is very professionally written. I will be back for sure.

lool iv seen one and it looked like my dogs twin but it had the same evrything

i love ryan wink

josh t
a lot of really good photos smile awesome

my favorite is jesus on the cross and the disc shape cloud

Hi I love pictures and Jesus on the crosssmile

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