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Welcome to the world of reverse graffiti, where the artist’s weapons are cleaning materials and where the enemy is the elements: wind, rain, pollution and decay. It’s an art form that removes dust or dirt rather than adding paint.

Some find it intriguing, beguiling, beautiful and imaginative, whereas others look upon it in much the same way as traditional graffiti – a complete lack of respect for the law.

Reverse graffiti challenges ideals and perceptions while at the same time shapes and changes the environment in which we live, whether people think for the better, or not.

We thought we’d compile a collection of some of the most incredible works of reverse graffiti and the artists behind them for your viewing pleasure.


1. Moose: The Original Reverse Graffiti Artist

Real name, Paul Curtis, Moose is the grand-daddy of reverse graffiti. He’s been cleaning the streets of the UK and beyond for around ten years.

Using detergent and a wire brush, the tools of many a cleaner, he works with advertisers to create innovative clean messages and slogans that inevitably turn into works of art. One of his more recent works, the Reverse Graffiti Project, was on San Francisco’s Broadway tunnel in conjunction with Green Works, to promote a plant-based cleaner.

1. Big Brother Eye etched on to road sign, Leeds, UK.


2. Reverse Graffiti Project, San Francisco.


3. Reverse Graffiti Project, San Francisco.


4. Reverse Graffiti Project, San Francisco.




2. Scott Wade: Reverse Graffiti on Cars

Taking the scribbles of many a budding graffiti artist to new heights, Scott Wade decorates the back of dusty car windows with much more intricate works of art than the usual ‘Wash Me’.

He lives very near a dirt road covered in caliche – a mixture of limestone dust, gravel and clay – which, when driven over throws up a fine, white dust, covering the cars which he then decorates using plain, ordinary artist brushes, and the effects are amazing.

1. The one and only, Einstein.


2. Mona Lisa as you’ve never seen her before.

mona lisa

3. Close up of the lady herself.

mona lisa

4. Mona Lisa just as it starts to rain. The rain seems to almost enhance the image.

mona lisa rain

5. Vermeer’s, Girl With a Pearl Earring.


6. Football legend, Ronaldinho.


7. The infamous Poker Dogs redone.

poker dogs

8. Final version of Poker Dogs just about to be washed away by the rain.

poker dogs rain

9. The child trapped in the car is Wade’s daughter.

trapped kid

10. Pets go crazy.

pet fest
Jules Alexander



3. Alexandre Orion – Skulls in Sao Paolo

Hailing from Brazil, Alexandre sees his art works as a way of getting an environmental message across to those who ordinarily wouldn’t listen.

A few years ago he adorned a transport tunnel in Sao Paolo with a mural consisting of a series of skulls to remind drivers of the detrimental impact their emissions have on the planet.

The Brazilian authorities were incensed but couldn’t actually charge him with anything so they instead cleaned the tunnel.

At first the cleaned only the parts Alexandre had cleared but after the artist switched to the opposite wall they had to clean that too. In the end, the authorities decided to wash every tunnel in the city, missing the irony completely, it seems.

1. Etching skulls on the side of the tunnel with nothing but water and a cloth.

Alexandre Orion

2. A chance to see the skulls up close.

Alexandre Orion

3. Artist in action.

Alexandre Orion

4. What happens when caught in the act.



4. More Reverse Graffiti from the Public

1. An innovative advertising campaign for Freshaire Choice, an eco-friendly paint brand.

clean path

2. Detailed painting on the back of a truck, Trafalgar Square, London.

Dog and Boy

3. Professional illustrator, Rabia, takes to the streets and cars of Israel and Amsterdam to produce some fun reverse graffiti.

old man car

4. ‘Don’t Litter’ etched on the side of a dirty bus, Auckland, New Zealand.

don't litter

5. Something so beautiful created from something so dirty, in New York City.

lady head

6. So plane mechanics do have a sense of humor. A ‘Wash Me’ sign is written in the dirt of a plane wing.

plane wash me

7. More from Rabia.

cats in car

8. Lovely.

nose picking

9. Grrr, scary dust monster on the loose next to Gallery Lombardi in Austin.

dust monster

10. Surfer or snail? Not sure.

chris coles


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